6 tips on how to sit correctly while driving

Published 09/04/2020
cómo sentarse correctamente en el coche

Road safety is not only about wearing a seat belt or respecting maximum speed limits, it is also about knowing how to sit correctly while driving. The correct posture allows us to act, quickly and safely, in the event of any unforeseen event that may arise while driving.

How to sit correctly while driving

Follow our advice on how to sit correctly behind the wheel in order to drive safely, as well as improving ergonomics. Preventing all kinds of injuries or joint pain is in your hands.

Seat height to improve visibility

It is very important for the seat height to be adjusted to a level that not only allows us to see correctly, but that also makes us feel comfortable at all times. To guide you, your eyes should be halfway up the windscreen, allowing you to see the end of the bonnet.

Upright backrest

The backrest should be in an upright position allowing you to be aware of any incidents and to be able to react quickly. The ideal position is, when you stretch your arms out, your hands will be on the steering wheel and your shoulders on the back of the seat.


The headrest, which in the event of an accident will manage to cushion the impact, must be adjusted to our height. To know if it is correctly adjusted, remember that the centre thereof must meet the back of your head. Both the headrest and the head must be very well-aligned.

Distance from the steering wheel

Correct driving distance is vital for driving safely. When pressing the clutch pedal, remember that your leg must be fully extended. However, your knee should be slightly bent. This is very important in order to be able to correctly make an emergency stop, if necessary, to prevent the risk of an accident occurring.

Rear-view mirror

Most drivers, despite the importance of the rear-view mirrors, do not know how to position them. The mirrors must be positioned so as to provide optimal vision without you having to move your head all the time. Furthermore, the interior mirror must be positioned facing the rear window.

As for the side mirrors, leave them in an open position for greater angles of vision, so that you can see the maximum amount of the lane to the side of you as possible, but while still just seeing the edge of your car.

Seat belt

The seat belt, besides the fact that it must always be fastened regardless of the type of journey you are going to make and the type of road you are planning to drive on, must be properly fastened before you set off. It must be worn over the shoulder and be correctly-adjusted.

There you have the six keys to sitting correctly at the wheel. If you follow them, not only will you achieve perfect ergonomic balance, it will also help you improve the quality of your driving.

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