About Emesa


Emesa has a workforce of around 300 workers and the latest and most modern technologies to provide the best service daily. Every day we receive experts from all over the world interested in the work being developed in the M-30. For this reason, Emesa has become an international benchmark with more than 60 visits per year from more than 40 countries such as the United States, Russia, China, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Finland, France and Peru.


At EMESA we seek to offer high quality and resource optimisation.


In addition to numerous equipment and facilities, we have a fleet of 65 vehicles to attend to the preservation, maintenance and management of road traffic functionality on Calle30 and related access roads. Thanks to all these resources, we are able to offer citizens a 24/7 service, 365 days a year.

The infrastructure features:

  • 2 million m2 of surface area to maintain.
  • 150,000 m of traffic barriers.
  • 100,000 m of fire protection pipes.
  • Over 100 structures.
Vista aérea de carretera M-30

Tunnels with complete protection equipment

Equipped fire hydrants and extinguishers, hydrant system and dry columns. The EMESA team supervises its impeccable maintenance.

  • 900 fans.
  • 19 filtering stations.
  • 2,500 equipped fire hydrants.
  • 3,000 fire extinguishers.
  • Water mist.
  • 200 emergency exits.
Entrada a túnel

An optical fibre network distributed in two control centres

  • 711 SOS posts.
  • 670 variable-message signs.
  • 3,500 speakers.
  • 900 external and internal cameras.
  • 110,000 m of optical fibre.