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Our team

Emesa is in charge of the maintenance and operation of the M-30, which features the longest urban motorway tunnels in the world. Our goal is to give the best service to the 1.5 million daily travellers through meticulous work and fast traffic incident management for safe, comfortable and smooth trips. We devote 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to this goal.

Almost 300 professionals collaborate with us, eager to contribute their values, experience and professionalism to the project.


Emesa boasts a technical team of more than 30 engineers from the civil, industrial and telecom fields. The key competences that foster excellence among the technical team are their great management, leadership and teamwork skills. Both technical and operational staff collaborate with the same enthusiasm and work ethic, transforming their personal and professional competence into an added value, which together with their wide experience and professionalism become a guarantee for success.


Training is a priority for us. That is why we devote around 10,000 hours per year in the development of our employees, renewing and updating their knowledge and skills.


We take Non-profit Initiatives in order to help the disabled or those experiencing financial hardship, initiatives such as donating 100 fire-fighting suits to Firefighters without Borders (intended for the Dominican Republic), organising a charity concert for the Aladina Foundation, collaborating with Madrid Food Bank in ‘Operation Kilo’ or toy-collection campaigns. We all take part together, united by a common cause and sharing our human side.


We have developed an Equality Plan to give equal treatment and opportunities to women and men.

We collaborate with the Adecco Foundation for the integration of people with disabilities and at risk of exclusion. We help them optimise their social skills and competences since we believe that anyone can develop professionally regardless of their abilities or social context.

Certification and safety

We contribute to minimise accident risks for both users and employees, being the first European company in the sector certified by AENOR in Road Traffic Safety and collaborating with the different institutions involved in Road Traffic Safety training for professionals.


  • We are committed to our Integrated Quality and Environment Management Plan:
  • We promote the rational and efficient use of natural resources and implement actions aimed at reducing, reusing and recycling materials.
  • We place special emphasis on waste management to minimise the environmental impact.

Work with us

You can therefore choose Emesa to grow day by day. Our mission is to offer the best service to our users and make them proud of the M-30 and become a world leader in the maintenance and operation of tunnels and roads.

Our values ​​are: responsibility, commitment, dynamism, innovation, safety, humanity and the pursuit of continuous improvement. Principles that make a difference and make Emesa an exceptional workplace.

“Work with us and enjoy your profession, tomorrow you will wish you had started today”.

Work with us

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