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What’s Emesa?

Emesa is a company devoted to the preservation, maintenance and operation of the M-30. It is a company owned by Ferrovial and ACS Group and, since its formation in 2005, it is a minority shareholder of Madrid Calle 30: the semi-public company in charge of the integral management of the road.


The M-30 surrounds the central districts of Madrid and plays a key role in the traffic organisation of one of the largest metropolitan areas in Europe, with over 7.3 million inhabitants. It also constitutes a unique infrastructure, featuring for example the longest urban motorway tunnel in Europe.


The mission of Emesa is to ensure that the M-30 is a safe road that makes a positive contribution to the mobility of the residents of Madrid. It is not an easy task, as it serves more than 600 million users a year who make 1.5 million trips a day. This figure actually exceeds that of other means of transport commonly used to get around Madrid, such as the metro (with 584.84 million users), the EMT (430 million) or the suburban service (229.1 million).

Why Emesa?

For the correct management and operation of the main ring road of Madrid, the City Council opted, in anticipation of the modern infrastructure management models, for the public-private partnership of Madrid Calle 30, a semi-public company owned by the City of Madrid and a private partner. This is how Emesa, the M-30 Maintenance and Operation Company, was born.

El Ayuntamiento optó por la colaboración público-privada Madrid Calle 30, sociedad de economía mixta, participada por el Ayuntamiento de Madrid

Maintenance, preservation and operation

The M-30 maintenance and preservation conducted by Emesa includes all the necessary activities to ensure that the physical elements of the road remain operational and in perfect working order. These elements are very diverse and include electromechanical and safety installations in tunnels, pavement, signs, lighting devices or evacuation systems, among others.

On the other hand, operation includes all actions designed to improve traffic flow and guarantee road traffic safety throughout the M-30. This task requires traffic surveillance; signalling management; the minimisation of emergency situations, accidents or specific conditions; and the re-establishment of the regular traffic conditions after these occur.

El mantenimiento y conservación de la M-30 a cargo de Emesa comprende todas las actividades necesarias para asegurar que los elementos físicos de la vía se mantienen operativos

The team, key to success

The correct performance of all these functions requires a capable and committed team. Emesa employs about 300 highly qualified professionals, with an average age of 35 years who work in shifts to provide support around the clock. The engineers, topographers, designers, first intervention agents, surveillance personnel, builders and graduates in law and business administration and management that make up their team also benefit from about 10,000 hours of training per year.

Their excellent performance is shown in the regular audits to which Emesa is subject to, which include 440 indicators of service quality and availability. Since its establishment, the company has been subject to two of these audits per year, in which it has been awarded scores above 98 out of 100 points, with an average score of 99.4.


Emesa emplea a cerca de 300 profesionales, con una media de edad de 35 años, una alta cualificación y que se organizan en turnos para brindar soporte las 24 horas del día los 7 días de la semana

Safety first and foremost

With the ultimate goal of ensuring safety, Emesa has a considerable deployment of technologies including 1,000 closed circuit cameras and 550 variable-message signs. In addition, the M-30 tunnels have 200 emergency exits distributed throughout its layout. All are equipped with SOS posts, Public Address (PA) system, video cameras and signalling and guidance lighting, which are periodically tested to ensure their correct functioning. In addition, Emesa does simulations and drills every year that test the collaboration procedures between Emesa and Madrid Calle 30 and the emergency services of Madrid, including the Fire Department, SAMUR and the city police.

Emesa dispone de un gran despliegue de medios y tecnologías que incluye 1.000 cámaras de circuito cerrado y 550 señales de mensaje variable.

Environmentally responsible management

Emesa also strives to minimise its environmental impact. In this sense, it promotes numerous energy-saving measures and supports cutting-edge technologies such as ionising filters or the use of activated carbon, which eliminate 90% of the polluting particles emitted by vehicles passing through the road.

Emesa promueve numerosas medidas de ahorro energético y apuesta por tecnologías punteras.

A globally recognised model

Finally, Emesa is committed to innovation and resorts to numerous technological solutions to improve its service; among others, the ITS ―a control and management application that allows continuous supervision of facilities; SETTRE ―a real-time traffic evaluation system that anticipates anomalous situations based on historical data; SITREM ―an emergency management module that manages communications by activating the resources necessary in each incident; the GMAO app ―which allows maintenance coordination on tablets; or the intelligent tunnel lighting control system by occupancy.

The distinctiveness of the M-30, the strength of its team, the key role that safety plays in its management, its high service standards, the positive evaluation given by its users, and the use of technology, turn into organising an average of 60 visits to its facilities each year by delegations from 40 countries and lay the foundation for Emesa contributing to several working groups of the Technical Road (ATC) or the World Road Association (PIARC).

Emesa apuesta por la innovación en el desarrollo de sus funciones, y recurre a numerosas soluciones tecnológicas para mejorar su servicio

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