Advantages of the electric car in Madrid

Publicado el 18/09/2017
Ventajas del coche eléctrico

Numbers do not lie. In 2016, nearly 5,000 electric vehicles were registered in Spain, a 51% increase compared to the previous year. Best of all, this growing trend continues in 2017 thanks to, among other reasons, the manufacturers’ appealing offers.

Among other reasons because sales promotions are not the only benefit of owning an electric car; the sector has evolved dramatically, especially in metropolis such as Madrid, and nowadays its use is much better conditioned than in its first months of existence.

Next, we examine other advantages of the electric car, especially if you live in a big city.

Beneficial against atmospheric pollution

The main characteristic of the electric car is that it does not need fuel: it transforms electricity into energy. This means that the vehicle does not emit exhaust fumes and its driving is more environmentally friendly.

The environment may be too damaged at some places and restrictive measures have been imposed, such as preventing certain vehicles from driving at specific times in some areas. In these cases, an electric vehicle may never be banned.

Beneficial against noise pollution

Another great advantage posed by electric cars is that their engines hardly make any noise, so not only will you not be polluting the environment, but you will also do your bit to make the life of your neighbours’ eardrums last longer.

The electric motor is much cheaper

Electric motors and internal combustion engines of similar power have a very different price. In addition, electric motors require a smaller amount of complements and are more reliable; so in addition to being cheaper, they are more profitable.

Moreover, a hypothetical failure in an internal combustion engine can break it down while an electric motor has far fewer components and easier maintenance.

Simpler driving

An electric car does not need gears. The driver only has to worry about accelerating and braking. And the reverse? Through a simple mechanism, the car will know when the driver wants to reverse.

Greater parking options

Lacking a gearbox, the compartment where the electric motor is placed can be smaller (or even decentralised and located in another part of the vehicle).

In fact, in some specific cases the electric cars do not have a nose; although, in most cases, they do for aesthetic reasons.

This means that the vehicle is more compact and needs less space, or that the extra space a traditional engine takes can be used for passenger comfort.

For a city like Madrid, with a very high volume of traffic, having a vehicle that needs less space to park is a real pleasure.

The electric motor is more efficient

What do we mean? The car needs less energy to perform at the same rate than an internal combustion engine. This translates into savings for your pocket, which also adds to the fact that electricity is less expensive than petrol.

Obviously, if you buy an electric car, you are thinking about a lifespan of several years. An electric car allows you to save around four thousand EUROS over a period of ten years.

Electric cars pay fewer taxes

In some provinces, such as Madrid, electric vehicles are exempt from paying the registration tax and, in addition, have a discount of 75% in the Tax on Mechanical Traction Vehicles or the Road Tax.

Electric cars are exempt from paying regulated parking

In Madrid, drivers of electric cars can park completely free of charge in regulated parking service areas (SER) and without any time limitation, simply by presenting the Zero Emissions authorisation.

An electric vehicle can drive in the Bus-Only lanes

As long as you do not travel with passengers and have the distinctive Zero Emissions, any electric car driver can take advantage of these lanes when needed.

Charging points

In Madrid, 80 fast charging points and another 200 semi-fast charging points are expected to be built from 2018 onwards.

As you can see, electric is becoming ever more popular.

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