Albert Serratosa City and Territory Awards

Published 05/12/2019
Premios Ciudad y Territorio Albert Serratosa

On December 4th 2019, at the Association of Civil Engineers’ Agustín de Betancourt auditorium, the Civil Engineers Foundation, led by President Juan A. Santamera, and the College of Civil Engineering, assisted by the Dean of Madrid, Dolores Ortiz, presented the third edition of the Albert Serratosa City and Territory Awards.

The joint project “MRÍO-SOTERRAMIENTO DE LA M-30” was named as the winner in the large projects category. The jury commended “its international projection, the revaluation and urban regeneration that the project has created; technological innovation in the construction and operation phase; as well as the general design of the project, especially that of the park”.

The prize was received by Borja Carabante, Delegate Councillor for the Environment of Madrid City Council and President of Madrid Calle 30 S.A.

This national annual award was established in 2017. The objective of the Albert Serratosa City and Territory Awards is to publicise and share relevant projects in the city and its region that contribute in the medium and long term to a sustainable development of the environments in which they are integrated, paying special attention to excellence, both in their design and their planning and realisation.

Local authorities, companies and professionals who have managed to carry out these projects are also rewarded for their decisions, investments and activities.

Last but not least, relevance is given to the role of Civil Engineers in the design, planning, and performance of projects related to the city and its region.

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