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equipacion obligatoria moto

What equipment is obligatory for motorcycles?

Published 20 de August de 2019 Circulation M-30

It is essential to use obligatory equipment for motorcycles in order to drive safely and avoid or reduce damages caused by accidents.As we know, driving a motorcycle is more dangerous than driving a car.We have to keep in mind that motorists are people who have very little visibility of other vehicles and, consequently, there is greater risk […]

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Normativa para patinetes electricos en Madrid

Electric scooter regulations in Madrid: Are they permitted?

Published 19 de August de 2019 Circulation M-30

Madrid scrambles to adapt to new mobility trends. Therefore, electric scooters are still a very popular alternative, due to the comfort and flexibility they offer. However, to prevent even greater problems, it is important to be aware of the regulations concerning electric scooters in Madrid. Just like with car drivers, if you are thinking of using […]

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multas de un coche

What are the possible car fines?

Published 24 de July de 2019 Circulation M-30

It is essential to know the various car fines that can be applied. That’s why you have a list of fines below that, although may seem unlikely, can really tug on your purse strings. Possible car fines There are different types of fines that can carry several penalties, depending on whether they are considered a serious, very […]

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What documents do you need to carry with your car in Spain?

Published 19 de July de 2019 Circulation M-30

Whether you are a new or a professional driver, you need to know what car documentation you need to carry with you whenever you drive. What documents are essential so that you can drive around knowing that you won’t be fined? Required Car Documents The documents below should be taken with you every time you drive your […]

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Special lanes

Special lanes: what kinds are there and how do you drive in them?

Published 09 de July de 2019 Circulation M-30

The special lanes are to increase road capacity to the maximum and reduce traffic jams at rush hour and during holiday periods, when the number of vehicles travelling increases considerably and, as a consequence, so does the intensity of the traffic on our roads, especially on days when everyone is leaving and returning. These lanes can […]

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The last
Who controls the speed cameras on the M-30 in Madrid? Published 27 de August de 2019

Knowing who controls the speed cameras is essential to know Spanish roads inside out, which every year, seek to improve the safety of those who use them. The competent agencies and municipal councils try to reach an agreement regarding traffic that allows drivers to be able to drive smoothly on a safe road. The Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT) […]

Solar panel smart roads: the asphalt of the future? Published 23 de August de 2019

One of the initiatives to solve the serious problems we are currently suffering because of global warming concerns the implementation of alternative energy systems on solar roads. This solution lies in utilising the existing road network to try to make real and effective use of natural resources. This project has been heralded as a revolution and […]

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Published 01 de March de 2019

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