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circular con seguridad en los túneles de la m30 coches

Safety advices for driving in M-30 tunnels

Published 24 de February de 2020 Circulation M-30

To drive safely in M30 tunnels you just need to know a number of restrictions and guidelines that we will explain below. Not every vehicle can use this road and you have to remember that manoeuvres such as changing direction or reversing are not permitted. Visibility is lower in tunnels, so you need to drive carefully. […]

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como llegar al aeropuerto de madrid parada taxis

All the alternatives for getting to Madrid airport

Published 20 de February de 2020 Circulation M-30

We are going to explain all the alternatives for getting to Madrid airport on both public transport or by taxi. The Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport is located north-east of Madrid in the Barajas area, around 18 kilometres from the centre of Madrid, and it has 5 terminals:  T1, T2, T3, T4 and T4s. If you have to […]

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distancia de seguridad en tuneles m30

What is the tunnels safety distance in the M-30?

Published 03 de February de 2020 Circulation M-30

It is very important to know the tunnels safety distance in order to avoid potential accidents. The Highway Code sets a different distance for tunnels, and awareness of this is essential to ensure safety at the wheel. You should keep in mind that changes of light can be abrupt when entering and exiting the tunnel, as […]

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señalización incidencias m30

How to interpret incident signage on the M-30

Published 27 de January de 2020 Circulation M-30

Incident signage on the M-30 is based on the guidelines established by the General Traffic Authority. Below, we explain the most common signs used in these notorious tunnels so that you know what each one means. Incident signage in tunnels on the M-30 For various reasons, you will occasionally find yourself prohibited from driving through the […]

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preguntas frecuentes cómo funciona madrid central

How does Madrid Central work? The 15 most frequently asked questions

Published 23 de January de 2020 Circulation M-30

We answer the most frequently asked questions about Madrid Central, to clear up any doubts you may have about driving and parking in this area. Madrid Central is an area of ​​the centre of the capital where restrictions apply to traffic in order to promote good air quality. Its objective is to reduce the level […]

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What is aquaplaning?: Tips to avoid it Published 23 de March de 2020

Surely if you’ve ever driven in the rain, you will have noticed how your car loses stability and grip due to aquaplaning. This phenomenon causes the car to lose control, and once hydroplaning has started, nothing can stop it. It is one of the main causes of accidents on rainy days or where there are […]

What are the speed limits in Europe? Published 19 de March de 2020

Did you know that there are regions where there are no speed limits in Europe? There are 4 regions where you can drive at whatever speed you’d like, without limits. There are also limits of up to 140 km/h and other countries that don’t allow you to go above 90 km/h on motorways. Find out […]

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Published 01 de March de 2019

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