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Summary of the traffic laws

Summary of the traffic laws that we most often forget

Published 21 de May de 2019 Circulation M-30

It is always good to make a summary of the traffic laws. These are laws that, despite being learned at one time or another, can be forgotten. In addition, the fact that they are changed from time to time can lead to confusion. Therefore, in this post we will clarify any doubts you may have […]

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where to park in Madrid Río

Discover where to park in Madrid Río during the San Isidro Festival

Published 14 de May de 2019 Circulation M-30

Every 15 May Madrid celebrates it special festival in honour of Saint Isadore the Labourer, San Isidro in Spanish, the patron saint of the Spanish capital. Many locals from Madrid ask where to park in Madrid Río to be able to enjoy the festival to its fullest. In this post we want you to find […]

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drive with a trailer

Tips to know how to drive with a trailer safely

Published 25 de April de 2019 Circulation M-30

We often find we need to drive with a trailer, whether it is for moving or to transport items in a comfortable and safe manner. However, we get overwhelmed with questions when we need to drive with a trailer, due to a lack of knowledge. So, we want to help resolve all these questions. Classification […]

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South bypass

M-30 South bypass in Madrid: History and evolution

Published 09 de April de 2019 Circulation M-30

The M-30 South bypass is one of the country’s busiest stretches of road.  This article explains its history and evolution in order to understand its usefulness as well as how it works. The M-30 is a benchmark for mobility in the Spanish capital. It is a ring road around the city with the characteristics of […]

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Visual Acuity for Driving

The importance of Visual Acuity for Driving

Published 04 de April de 2019 Circulation M-30

In driving, visual acuity is a basic requirement when obtaining or renewing your license. In fact, in Spain, for either of these processes, you must pass a medical examination that also includes an eye exam. It seems logical since if you can’t see properly, you would be endangering both your life and the lives of […]

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The last
Emesa receives professionals from South Korea, Brazil and England in May Published 23 de May de 2019

This May, Emesa received several international delegations that came to visit the tunnels of the M-30 to learn from their facilities and constructive methodologies, as well as the management carried out by our company, in order to apply it to their respective projects. On 16 May, Emesa was visited by a commission from the city […]

Statement on environmental and energy performance Published 21 de May de 2019

Emesa, in its commitment to environmental protection and efficient energy use, has decided to certify its Management System with AENOR in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 and UNE-EN ISO 50001:2011 standards. The implementation of these systems in the organization has helped to improve environmental and energy performance by setting a series of goals and […]

Simulation 2019

Published 01 de March de 2019

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