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winter road safety on the m30

Winter Road Safety Plan for M-30: Phases

Published 02 de December de 2019 Circulation M-30

From November 21st 2019 to March 31st 2020, the Winter Road Safety Plan will be active. It’s objective is to keep roads in the best possible conditions for drivers. Madrid City Council activates this Winter Emergency Plan every year in the event of inclement weather. The statistical probability of snowfall is 5 days per year. For this […]

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mantenimiento salidas de emergencia m30

Emergency exits maintenance on the M-30

Published 04 de November de 2019 Circulation M-30

Emergency exits maintenance on the M30 guarantees safety in a possible evacuation of people trapped by an accident, a fire or by the effects of the weather. The tunnels on the M30 have an emergency exit every 200 metres. Emesa monitors the status of these exits. Regular inspections are carried out and the entire mechanism […]

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luces de los vehiculos

Types of car lights: When are they used?

Published 31 de October de 2019 Circulation M-30

One of the key elements in road safety are car lights. When the roads are poorly lit, they become essential in order to see and be seen. But you shouldn’t always use the same type of lights, it will depend on what situation the road is in and the manoeuvres you want to perform. It’s very […]

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inundaciones tuneles m30

Measures to Prevent Flooding in the M30 Tunnels

Published 24 de October de 2019 Circulation M-30

To avoid flooding in the M30 tunnels, specific installations and protocols for action are available. Since the M30 tunnels are about 48 kilometres long, and they are mostly below the level of the Manzanares River, they are undoubtedly a point of conflict when it comes to fighting the occurrence of possible floods. Without the important measures […]

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coeficiente de rozamiento transversal

TFC improvement actions on the M-30: safety and grip for tyres

Published 10 de October de 2019 Circulation M-30

The Transverse Friction Coefficient (known by its acronym as TFC) is the coefficient that measures the tire-road grip. High TFC values ​​guarantee good braking, and curves can be traced safely. In the case of the M-30 tunnels, it is essential to have certain initial precautions and undertake periodic actions to maintain this parameter at appropriate values ​​that […]

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The last
How does the involuntary lane change alert work? Published 09 de January de 2020

One of the most cutting-edge innovations in car safety is the involuntary lane change alert. It is a system that is being added as an extra in more and more vehicles. It aims to interpret as accurately as possible whether or not the driver has left the lane involuntarily due to a distraction. It does so […]

Do you know how traffic is displayed in Madrid in real time? Published 12 de December de 2019

The SETTRE system (Real Time Traffic Evaluation System) is responsible for measuring traffic in Madrid in real time, among other functions. It was implemented in 2010 and has been adding new services, to offer even more comprehensive traffic control data. Before this system, stations with intelligent sensors were used to obtain rapid traffic information. This system […]

Simulation 2019

Published 01 de March de 2019

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