Emesa will create synergies with COGITI and COGITIM for the professional development of its employees

Publicado el 21/01/2020
Convenio de colaboración Emesa, Cogiti y Cogitim

The General Council of Industrial Technical Engineering of Spain (COGITI) and the College of Industrial Technical Engineers of Madrid (COGITIM) have signed a collaboration agreement with Emesa, regarding training and employment. This agreement will allow its employees and managers to benefit from COGITI’s e-learning training platform and technical courses at favourable terms and via distance learning. Employee training and development is one of Emesa’s priorities.

The agreement was signed at Emesa’s offices by Managing Director, Héctor Barbero, and by the president of COGITI and the dean of COGITIM, José Antonio Galdón Ruiz. Rosalía Gonzalo López, Chief Counsellor of Madrid Calle 30, was also present and stated:

“I am pleasantly surprised to see that continuous professional development is part of Emesa’s culture because training brings added value to any company. For professionals, it is a boost in their career and refinement of their abilities, and this translates to a greater commitment to their performance, greater efficiency and, in this case, a better service to all those who use the M-30 to get around Madrid.”

The agreement also includes measures taken through the Proempleoingenieros digital portal and the DPC Ingenieros accreditation system. COGITI makes both tools, aimed at employability and professional development of Industrial Engineers and Industrial Engineering Graduates, available to Emesa. The Proempleoingenieros portal currently counts 15,726 registered engineers and 1,751 registered companies.

The Proempleoingenieros portal is the first comprehensive platform for employment services dedicated to Industrial Engineers and Industrial Engineering Graduates in Spain. The courses on the e-learning training platform are constantly updated and based on quality criteria, both in terms of content and training methodologies, offering a guarantee for its users.

The alliance between both entities reinforces Emesa’s objective of recruiting talent and contributing to the professional development of all its employees, and the efforts of COGITI and COGITIM to contribute to the excellence of professionals.

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