The 12 most dangerous motorcycle offences

Published 10/02/2020
infracciones de moto más peligrosas

According to the Directorate General of Traffic, a large percentage of motorcyclist deaths are caused by dangerous motorcycle offences. Below we explain what the most serious offences are.

Motorcycles are the most vulnerable vehicles on the road. First of all, stability on two wheels will never be the same as on four. Secondly, motorcycle or moped drivers are more exposed to bangs and knocks. More attention is therefore required while driving.

The 12 most dangerous motorcycle offences

If you respect the road safety regulations, you can avoid fines and, most importantly, protect your life and that of other drivers. You should therefore pay heed to them all and drive with the greatest possible care.

1. Speeding

Speeding and being in a rush to reach your destination are the main causes of motorcycle accidents. Recurring offences lead, in 50% of cases, to fatalities, which can be avoided by complying with the speed limit established in the road regulations. It can also incur a fine of between €100 and €600 and, in the worst case, up to six months in prison.

2. Overtaking on the right

Overtaking on the right because you see a gap is reckless, especially when you go to return to the right-hand lane. It is one of the best known and most risky offences for the motorcyclist, who usually goes unseen by the vehicles around them. Better to wait for the right moment to advance safely on the left and avoid a fine of up to €200.

3. Overtaking without leaving the correct distance

If you are going to overtake, you have to leave a safe distance between you and the other vehicle. All vehicles must keep a safe lateral distance from the vehicle being overtaken of at least 1.5 metres. As you can see, this distance does not allow for cases of a motorcycle overtaking between cars. Better to respect the safety distance and avoid losing four points on your driving licence and a fine of €200.

4. Not wearing a helmet

Accidents with fatalities because the motorist was not wearing an approved helmet still occur. It can also lead to serious head injuries. Potential sanctions are three penalty points deducted on your driving licence and a fine of €200.

5. Driving along the hard shoulder

Motorcyclists cannot use the hard shoulder to drive and overtake other vehicles. These margins can only be used in cases of emergency and their abuse can result in fines of up to €200. Moreover, it is not safe to drive on the hard shoulder.

6. Changing direction where it is not allowed

Do not make unsafe and unsignalled direction-change manoeuvres without signalling and having observed the traffic situation. Likewise, avoid these manoeuvres in tunnels, at level crossings, highways and motorways and elevation changes, where you do not have good visibility. The fine is €200 and three penalty points.

7. Not having your lights on

Sometimes we forget to turn on the front and rear lighting of the motorcycle. This error means the motorcycle is not visible to other vehicles, and that is why the dipped headlights must always be on. Driving in the daytime without your dipped headlights turned on can cost you €200.

8. Overtaking between other vehicles

Motorcycles should not make movements which are unpredictable for other drivers or overtake between vehicles. The most prudent thing to do is to overtake while maintaining an appropriate safety distance without causing unnecessary accidents.

infracciones de moto más peligrosas velocidad

9. Parking on the pavement

In general terms, parking in pedestrian areas is prohibited, as it can hinder pedestrians. The fine for parking a motorcycle on the pavement is €200, provided that the pavement is not more than 3.5 metres wide.

10. Locking the motorcycle to street furniture

If you need to lock the motorcycle to a fixed item, make sure it is not part of the street furniture: a lamppost, a tree or a traffic light. Better to avoid the €30 fine and use the places designated for parking motorcycles.

11. Not muffling the exhaust

Many motorcyclists say that not muffling the exhaust improves the performance of their motorcycle. But the truth is that driving without a silencer device or with a deficient one is annoying for those around and the fine for the offence is €200.

12. Refuelling with the engine running

Sometimes, for convenience and to save time, we refuel with the engine running and nobody notices. Petrol stations work with highly flammable products and, although unlikely, there is the possibility of rapid combustion without explosion. In addition, refuelling in the incorrect fashion is punishable by a fine of €200.

There is no doubt that traffic regulations are necessary in order to reduce the number of accidents. And, like all regulations, every offence we commit with our motorcycle carries a fine. But the most important thing is that the laws serve a purpose: that you can return home safe and sound.

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