Discover the most spectacular roads in Spain

Published 27/09/2018
spectacular roads in Spain

The M-30 is the best-known road in the country, but there are many other spectacular roads in Spain. Whether due to the landscape that can be seen while driving on them, or due to the road itself, very striking roads can be found throughout the whole country. For this reason, some of the most spectacular roads that can be seen throughout Spain are mentioned below.

These are the most spectacular roads in Spain

Many people may wonder if Spain really has roads that attract attention, and the answer is yes These are some of them:

TF-134: Carretera de Taganana

This road makes its way through the forests of Laurisilva, one of the native vegetations of the Canary Islands. Perfect scenery for those who are fond of nature. The carretera de Taganana goes up from the black sand beach of Benijo to the mountain. Those who go up it say that it is essential to make a stop at the Amogoje vantage point to observe the spectacular views that this landscape offers.

La carretera de Taganana es una de las carreteras más espectaculares de Esapaña

The carretera de Taganana is located on the Canary Island of Tenerife.


A-7000: Carretera de los Montes de Málaga

This road that goes up to the Montes de Málaga National Park begins with stunning views of the city of Málaga. And, as it goes up, the landscape changes to mountains full of Aleppo pine. The Mediterranean landscape that can be seen from this road is simply irresistible.

La carretera de los montes de Málaga es una de las carreteras más espectaculares de Esapaña

The road that joins the hills of Málaga was originally a medieval path.


CO-4: Carretera de los Lagos de Covadonga

One of our country’s most famous mountain roads, it is narrow and requires drivers to pay a very high level of attention. Not only because it is a road with lots of curves, but because cattle, dogs or other animals may cross it at any time. The road starts in Santuario de Covadonga, Asturias, and finishes in the incredible lakes of Ercina and Enol.

La carretera de los lagos de Covadonga es una de las carreteras más espectaculares de Esapaña

The lakes of Covadonga are at the foot of the Picos de Europa and getting there is a real journey in itself.

GM-1: Carretera al Parque Nacional de Garajonay

This road runs through the north of the island of La Gomera and, in particular, the most spectacular area is that which runs between Majona Natural Park and Garajonay National Park. On the sides of the road there are terraces, orchards and diverse forests. The island of La Gomera is full of green mountains and incredible landscapes, and this is one of its most beautiful roads. Although, once again: be careful with the curves.

La carretera que lleva al parque nacional de Garajonay a es una de las carreteras más espectaculares de Esapaña

The views from the road to Garajonay National Park are spectacular, but you have to be careful with the curves.


MA 2041: Carretera de Sa Calobra

This road is in the north of Mallorca, in Serra de Tramuntana. The most striking thing about this road is the landscape that surrounds it, it is very rocky and steep. It is the road through which you can reach the cove of Sa Calobra and it reaches a maximum altitude of 800 metres above sea level. Without a doubt, although there are other very beautiful ones, this is one of the Balearic Islands’ most spectacular roads, as it is surrounded by cliffs.

La carretera que lleva a la cala Sa Calobra es una de las carreteras más espectaculares de Esapaña

The road that leads to the Sa Calobra cove gives the traveller such spectacular landscapes.


N-100: Carretera de Plasencia a Soria

The road that runs between Plasencia and Soria is one of the most beautiful in Spain, especially in autumn. This is because, on the sides of the road, in addition to other very beautiful fruit trees, there are cherry trees. A truly spectacular landscape with beautiful colours that are worth enjoying.

La carretera que va de Plasencia a Soria es una de las carreteras más espectaculares de Esapaña

The trees located on the sides of the road that goes from Plasencia to Soria provide a beautiful landscape, especially in autumn.

In Spain there are many spectacular roads, and those named here are only some of the most noteworthy. Not all of them are pleasant for people who have a fear of heights or curves. However, it is worth bearing in mind that, sometimes it is necessary to leave the motorway and the well-known roads in order to see the most spectacular landscapes.

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