How to drive safely through a tunnel

Publicado el 15/02/2019
drive safely through a tunnel

To drive safely through a tunnel involves a series of dangers that we are often not even aware of. It is necessary to take a series of precautionary measures to avoid risky situations. A tunnel is an enclosed space, so any setback inside it can generate a greater risk than on a conventional road. We tell you everything you need to know.

Tips on how to drive through a tunnel

Below, we explain some of the basic precautions you must take when driving through a tunnel.

Turn on the lights

It is essential to turn on the dipped beam before entering a tunnel. In this way, you will be able to see and make yourself be seen better, in particular when first entering the tunnel, as the human eye takes longer to get used to the change of light.

Respect the safe following distance

One of the most unpleasant situations that can arise inside a tunnel is a bumper-to-bumper crash. Being in an enclosed space, the options to dodge the impact are greatly reduced, the same goes for the emergency services being able to access. The best way to prevent a chain collision is to stay a safe distance behind the car in front.

Avoid sharp manoeuvres

On these roads, the asphalt tends to have a worse grip than on conventional roads. Especially on rainy days when tyres are wet and where it is very easy to skid and have an accident. The braking distances are also affected, that’s why it is always important to stay a safe distance behind the car in front and to pay more attention than normal.

Be careful when entering and exiting the tunnels

Entering and exiting tunnels are highly risky situations due to a reduction in visibility. You must turn on the lights before entering, take off your sunglasses (if you are wearing them), and do the opposite when leaving to avoid being blinded, by slightly reducing speed.

What should be done in case of breakdown or accident?

You must remain calm and carry out the following recommendations at all times:

  • Turn on the emergency lights to signal your position.
  • Park as close to the right side as you can to cause the minimum impact on circulation as possible.
  • Stop the engine so as not to aggravate the fault and prevent mishaps.
  • Notify emergency services of your situation through an SOS emergency post or with your mobile phone to delay the situation as little as possible.
  • Put on the reflective vest so you are always visible to other drivers.

How to behave in case of fire?

It is an unusual situation, but it is no less important to know how to act quickly by following these tips:

  • Turn on the emergency lights to alert other drivers.
  • Try to park the vehicle as close to the right side as possible to favour access by the emergency services.
  • Do not turn back or change direction in any way that may cause an accident that could make the situation even worse.
  • Stop the engine and leave the vehicle with the keys in so that it will be easier to remove later.
  • Get out of the car with the reflective vest on, in order to be seen clearly and be rescued quickly.
  • Put out the fire only if it is in an initial phase. Otherwise, find an exit and follow the evacuation signs.

Driving through tunnels does not have to be a problem as long as you are clear about the precautions you have to take to drive through them. In the event of having a setback, you should remain calm and follow certain action guidelines.

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