Driving on New Year’s eve in Madrid: Zones closed to traffic

Publicado el 26/12/2019
Driving on New Year's Eve

Madrid is closed to traffic on New Year’s Eve. Or at least some zones will be closed. In particular because, just like every year, the San Silvestre Vallecana Race takes place or there are specific restrictions in the capital’s most central zones. Bear in mind that the city centre hosts the countdown celebrations every year which also leads to a greater influx of people. For this reason, whether during the day or at night, it is better to use public transport because many taxi drivers have the night off.

Zones in Madrid where driving is prohibited on New Year’s Eve

If you are determined to take your car, or you simply cannot do without it, be aware of the zones you will not be able to access.

San Silvestre Vallecana Race 2019

The San Silvestre race always leads to traffic disruption, even hours before it starts. On 31st December from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. the streets that are part of the race route are usually closed to traffic. All the streets affected by this event are:

Concha Espina (Plaza Sagrados Corazones), Serrano, República Argentina, Serrano, Puerta de Alcalá, Alcalá (to oncoming traffic), Cibeles (to oncoming traffic), Paseo del Prado (to oncoming traffic), Neptuno (to oncoming traffic), Paseo del Prado (to oncoming traffic), Plaza Emperador Carlos V (to oncoming traffic), Ciudad de Barcelona, Albufera, Sierra del Cadí, Carlos Martín Álvarez, Martínez de la Riva, Diligencia, Candilejas (on the corner with Calle Tiempos Modernos).

This also affects the bus lines that pass through the area, but not the metro, which continues to operate normally.

Madrid Central: one-off restrictions

Madrid City Council has informed that there may be specific traffic restrictions in certain areas of the city if conditions so require. These restrictions may be caused by overcrowding and traffic congestion in the following areas:

  • Gran Vía: from Plaza de España to Calle Alcalá.
  • Calle Atocha: from Glorieta de Carlos V to Plaza de la Provincia.
  • Calle Mayor: in both directions from Calle Bailén to Puerta del Sol.
  • Calle Segovia: from Ronda de Segovia to Puerta Cerrada.
  • Other perimeter roads in Madrid Central may also be affected by these restrictions.

It is important to take this information into account before driving on New Year’s Eve through the centre of Madrid in order to avoid traffic jams and prevent delays reaching your destination. Having said that, the best option, without a doubt, would be to use public transport for greater comfort and speed.

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