Driving on the M-30 at 70: in which cases does it apply?

Publicado el 21/08/2018
Circular por la M-30 a 70: ¿en qué casos se aplica?

The maximum generic speed on the M-30 is 90 kilometres per hour but there are 70 km/h zones. However, in certain circumstances the limit can be as low as 50 km/h. In this article, we describe the cases in which the speed is lowered.

When is it necessary to drive at 70 km/h on the M-30?

As a general rule, the maximum speed of 90 km/h applies to the M-30 surface as the speed limit in most of the diameter of the ring road, with the exception of the ​​Marqués de Monistrol area where it has been lowered to 70 km/h to reduce noise pollution. However, the speed limit is always restricted to 70 km/h inside tunnels, regardless of any traffic circumstances. On the other hand, there is a small section considered part of the M-30, Ilustración Avenue, where the maximum speed is limited to 50 km/h.

While there are recurring debates about maintaining or reducing these speed limits, these are the ones that apply as of today. Please note that the section of Ilustración Avenue is the shortest of them all and that the 50 km/h limit applies because it is, in fact, a street.

However, there are two additional scenarios where the speed limit may be lowered in specific M-30 zones: traffic conditions and pollution levels. In this case, the Madrid City Council may unilaterally decide, for reasons of public interest, to reduce the speed limits temporarily.

Traffic saturation

In the event of stationary or slow-moving traffic or accidents, the City Council may impose a reduced speed limit on part or the whole M-30. Drivers are informed of any exceptional variations by means of the variable message signs distributed along the route.

Air pollution

In case of pollution peaks, the speed limit on the M-30 is routinely lowered to 70 km/h. Over the last 2 years, there have been several cases in which this limitation was imposed for a few days until the air quality improved. Normally, these changes are communicated using the mass media with sufficient time, at least one day in advance.

Consequences of exceeding 70 km/h on the M-30

It is important to bear in mind that penalties for speeding will also apply when speed limits change, provided that they have been duly reported via variable message signs or the media. As a general rule, speed cameras have a tolerance margin of 7 kilometres over the posted speed limit. However, since this is mostly beyond control, you should stick to the reading on your speedometer.

The penalty for speeding will depend on how much faster than the posted maximum you have gone. For example, for speeding below 100 kilometres per hour, the sanction will be 100 Euros and there will be no penalty points. However, if the maximum speed varies between 101 and 120 kilometres, the fine will be 300 Euros and 2 penalty points on your driving record.


The speed limit of 70 km/h on the M-30 generally applies to tunnels but, depending on traffic conditions or pollution peaks, local authorities may lower the standard 90 km/h speed limit. That is why it is advisable to be aware of the circumstances and, above all, to follow the restrictions to the letter.

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