Emesa is participating in the II Expert Course on Road Safety from CIFAL Madrid RACE, the European University and the UN

Published 12/06/2019
II Course of Experts in Road Safety people participants

On Wednesday 5th June the M-30 control centre took the main stage in one of the sessions of the Expert in Road Safety Management course that the European University, the Royal Automobile Club of Spain (RACE), as the entity responsible for the CIFAL Madrid Centre, and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) are celebrating at the unversity’s Alcobendas campus.

A total of 17 students from different countries are receiving training over four weeks with 45 professionals from different sectors, amongst which are the Director General for Traffic or the Head of Road Safety, as well as our Production Manager, Sonia Suárez. The aim is for the students, all of whom are managers, leaders and professionals in this field in their respective countries, to broaden their knowledge and apply the good practice learnt in Spain to help them in preventing traffic accidents.

Besides the theoretical sessions, the programme boasts visits to important Road Safety and Mobility centres and companies in Spain. This is the case with the M-30 control centre, a point of reference in terms of urban mobility and highly complex infrastructural management.

During the first part of the visit, the students visited the Control Centre and the tunnel facilities accompanied by our Industrial Facility Manager, José Luis Muñoz and our Production Director, Sonia Suárez, who was the person tasked with providing the session about Road Safety and Action Plans for the M-30 in the afternoon.

The course, which is the only university title concerning Road Safety within the UN’s training plan (UNITAR), finishes on 21st June.

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