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madrid 360 vs madrid central

Madrid 360 key points: how does it differ from Madrid Central?

Published 13 de February de 2020 Environment

The Madrid 360 Environmental Sustainability Strategy replaces the previous Madrid Central to meet European Union air quality targets, which, if not met, would lead to penalties on the city. But what changes does this mean for residents? What measures will be taken? We explain what the most important areas are and how Madrid 360 is […]

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limpieza m30

Cleaning the M-30: How and with what equipment is carried out?

Published 25 de September de 2019 Environment

How the M-30 is cleaned is one of the questions raised by the citizens of Madrid. How it is cleaned depends on what exactly is being cleaned. Therefore, footpaths and islands, roads and hard shoulders or safety elements each follow a different protocol. The coordination of cleaning tasks is essential and, in addition, they are carried […]

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Transporte y movilidad sostenible

Sustainable Transport and Mobility: Examples of taking care of the environment

Published 16 de September de 2019 Environment

Sustainable transport and mobility are here to stay. This year Emesa participates in the initiative with the objective that the users of the M30 move around the city in the most sustainable way possible. If in 2018 it has already taken strides with the emergence of new brands of carsharing, motosharing, scooters around the city, more […]

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reducir contaminacion m30 tunel

Measures to reduce pollution on the M-30

Published 02 de September de 2019 Environment

One of the priorities in Madrid is to reduce the pollution on the M30 and across the capital. One of the most well-known measures is the  speed reduction to 70 km per hour on this ring road around the city of Madrid. Various weather factors come together in these circumstances, leading to a high concentration of […]

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Graffitis on the M-30

Graffitis on the M-30: strategy and consequences

Published 18 de June de 2019 Environment

Graffitis on the M30 are growing increasingly prevalent. Seeing walls and other infrastructure covered in paint is very common but what does this activity entail? What are the harmful effects of graffiti? What is the environmental impact? How are they cleaned up? In this post we tell you everything you need to know about the negative […]

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The last
What is aquaplaning?: Tips to avoid it Published 23 de March de 2020

Surely if you’ve ever driven in the rain, you will have noticed how your car loses stability and grip due to aquaplaning. This phenomenon causes the car to lose control, and once hydroplaning has started, nothing can stop it. It is one of the main causes of accidents on rainy days or where there are […]

What are the speed limits in Europe? Published 19 de March de 2020

Did you know that there are regions where there are no speed limits in Europe? There are 4 regions where you can drive at whatever speed you’d like, without limits. There are also limits of up to 140 km/h and other countries that don’t allow you to go above 90 km/h on motorways. Find out […]

Simulation 2019

Published 01 de March de 2019

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