How to get to IFEMA Madrid Congress and Events Centre from the M-30? Here are all the options

Publicado el 28/05/2019
How to get to IFEMA Madrid

IFEMA is the Madrid body that organises different types of trade fairs, conferences, meetings, and events. In this article we want to help you understand how to get to IFEMA by public or private transport as quickly and easily as possible.

IFEMA was inaugurated in 1980 in the area of Barajas. It boasts 200,000 square meters spread over 12 pavilions, 100,000 square metres for a conference centre, and various spaces such as an auditorium, conference rooms, restaurants, and car parking. Numerous events are held at the venue where Spanish and/or foreign companies come together, commercial relationships are struck up, contacts are made, and the latest developments from various sectors are put on show.

How to get to IFEMA by public transport

You can get to IFEMA from anywhere in the city by public transport with metro and bus links.

How to get there by metro

There is a metro station at the south entrance of the site called Feria de Madrid. This stop is on line 8 of the metro, between the Mar de Cristal stop and the Aeropuerto T -2-3 stop.

How to get there by bus

If you would rather take a bus, there are several lines that connect various areas in the city with IFEMA. They are:

  • Line 73 Diego de León – Feria de Madrid.
  • Line 112 Feria de Madrid – Bº Aeropuerto.
  • Line 122 Avda. de América – Feria de Madrid.
  • Line 828 Universidad Autónoma – Alcobendas – Canillejas – Feria de Madrid.

How to get there by Cercanias train

There is also the option of combining the Cercanias local train network with line 8 of the metro. To do so, take the Cercanias to the Nuevos Ministerios stop and then take line 8 of the metro towards the airport. Ticket prices range from €1.30 to €5.

How to get to IFEMA by driving or by taxi

If you would prefer to get to IFEMA by driving or by taxi, we explain below the direct route from the centre of Madrid that you should take, how long it takes, and what a taxi would cost roughly.

How to get there by driving

From Atocha to IFEMA it is 17km, with a journey time of 18-20 minutes. The best route to take by car is from Atocha joining the Avenida de la Paz from the Calle de Méndez Álvaro for 2km until you get to the M-30. Continue on the M-30 and take the exit towards M-11. Once on the M-11,keep driving for 15km until exit 5. Lastly, keep going straight until you reach the IFEMA entrance, which is very well signposted.

Parking at IFEMA

You should remember that there are 15,000 parking spaces at IFEMA. However, for large trade fairs, such as the tourism event, attendance is high so it may be difficult to find a space.

How to get there by taxi

If you want to take a taxi, you should factor in the road price. Based on the distance and the minimum fare, the journey should cost between €19 and €25 from Atocha to IFEMA. If you take a taxi from somewhere else in the city you should be aware that the minimum fare ranges from €2.40 to €2.90 and the rate per kilometre is between €1.05 and €1.20.

To sum up, IFEMA is the leading congress and events venue in Madrid and Spain as it hosts trade fairs, assemblies, conferences, activities, conventions and many other events. The easiest way to get there on public transport is by metro taking line 8 from the Nuevos Ministerios or the Aeropuerto stops. You can also get there by bus or on the Cercanias rail link. And if you prefer to drive from the city centre, it will take you about 20 minutes.

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