How to get to La Paz hospital from the M-30?

Publicado el 19/02/2019
How to get to La Paz hospital

If you want to know how to get to La Paz hospital in the Spanish capital, then make note of the different options we list here: metro, bus, train, private hire vehicle, taxi, or in your own car. We will also see which is the best way to do so.

How to get to La Paz hospital on public transport

Public transport is one of the options you have for getting to La Paz hospital in Madrid. You can get there by metro, bus, or train.

How to get there by metro

The closest metro station to the hospital is Begoña on line 10.This station is right next to the hospital entrance. The estimated journey time on the metro is approximately 30 to 50 minutes, depending on where you start your journey. What’s more, a single ticket costs between €1.50 and €2.

How to get there by train

A single train ticket in Madrid costs €1.70.There are several train options available. These are the C1 from Matadero, the C4 from La Latina, the C7 from Las Rozas, and the C4 also from Las Rozas. They all stop at the closest station to the hospital which is Madrid Chamartín. You should note that the station is 1.3km away from the hospital. This is about a 20 minute walk.

How to get there by bus

The bus lines that stop at La Paz hospital are the 124,171,176, and 815.A single ticket costs €1.50 and there are numerous routes you can take. From El Matadero you can travel on line 6, 27, or 171.From La Latina, you can get the 3 and 124, from Las Rozas the 621 and 815, and from Las Tablas the 176. These are just some of the options you have.

How to get to La Paz hospital by car, private hire vehicle, or taxi on the M-30

The best route to take to La Paz hospital in Madrid to get there by car, private hire, or taxi is the M30.This is a ring road which is very much similar to a motorway. The estimated journey time to La Paz hospital via the M30 ranges from 25 to 35 minutes.
To join the M30, you can take Calle de Toldeo, Paseo de los Pontones, and Calle San Epifanio. You can also go westbound on Calle de San Millan. You can get to Paseo de los Pontones from the Puerta de Toledo roundabout. Once you get on the m30 take exit 31 towards La Paz / Pº Castellana.

How to get there by taxi

Taxi prices in Madrid stand at about €1.05 per kilometre, plus the €2.40 minimum fare. Therefore, if you start your journey in Méndez Álvaro the price will be around €16.If you start at El Matadero or La Latina, the price will be roughly €19 or €20.And if get in at Las Rozas, the average price is approximately €22.

How to get there by private hire vehicle

However, if you decide to take a private hire vehicle, the price will be set beforehand. From El Matadero or Méndez Álvaro the average price for a private hire vehicle is roughly €21.If you set out from La Latina or Las Rozas the price is around €24 or €25.

How to get there in your own vehicle

Driving your own vehicle on the M30 is completely free, so the only cost you have to consider is fuel.

To conclude, if we take into consideration all the factors when figuring out how to get to La Paz hospital, the quickest and cheapest form of public transport is the metro, as it is not affected by traffic and the station is right next to the hospital entrance. What’s more, your own vehicle is also a reasonably-priced option because fuel is cheaper than a taxi or private hire vehicle, although your journey time will depend on the traffic.

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