Improvements to the M-30 tunnel fans

Published 28/01/2020
mejora ventiladores tuneles m30
  • Thanks to the high-performance equipment used by Emesa, the installation has been completed without disruption to service on the road

Emesa has carried out the assembly and installation of several fans in the M-30 tunnel. This is a remarkable operation job in terms of road maintenance which has required high performance machinery designed especially for this purpose. The work has been followed closely by the M-30 technical staff, along with their CEO, Rosalía Gonzalo, who recognised the efforts of the maintenance company to expedite the work since, in her words:

“Customer satisfaction of M-30 road users must be at the centre of our commitment and this is achieved by offering the highest quality service to facilitate your travel”

There are currently over 900 fans along the almost 33 kilometres that make up the Madrid ring road. Of these fans, 521 are distributed amongst the different tunnels, designed to maintain optimal conditions of the infrastructure or to assist in the case of a fire. The periodic maintenance carried out by Emesa makes it possible to detect small faults that, in almost all cases, are repaired without the need to disassemble the fan. On this occasion, however, it was necessary to allocate significant resources for the total disassembly, repair and subsequent installation of the two units, which was all achieved without affecting normal operating conditions of the road.

In order to expedite the process and avoid any inconvenience to road users, Emesa has collaborated with the Asturian company Zitrón, which supplied a special truck, one of a kind in Europe, capable of lifting the fans, weighing 800 kg each, to facilitate their assembly. The vehicle boasts a scissor platform capable of lifting the machines the height of the tunnel, allowing operators to perform all necessary maintenance on the fans.

Thanks to this action, it was possible to perform the same operation twice on the same night, preventing significant delays to service on one of the busiest roads in Spain.

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