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Madrid C-Roads Spain pilot: How will the project work on the M-30?

Published 02 de March de 2020 Innovation

Emesa and Madrid Calle 30 are the coordinators of the  project Madrid Pilot in C-Roads Spain. C-Roads is an initiative in which various European Union Member States and motorway operators are participating. This EU project aims to deploy C-ITS (cooperative intelligent transport systems) services throughout Europe. Specifically, Spain is participating in C-Roads Spain  by delivering […]

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c roads

What is the C-Roads project?

Published 27 de February de 2020 Innovation

The  C-Roads project is a European Union-led initiative, in which Emesa is working together with Madrid Calle 30. It aims to deploy intelligent transport systems (ITS) in the participating countries. It emphasises the need to guarantee the implementation of future transport models in Europe. Spain’s participation will provide us with the capacity to collaborate in harmonising […]

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iluminacion de la m30

How is the lighting of the M-30 monitored?

Published 30 de January de 2020 Innovation

Emesa carry out continuous monitoring and correct regulation of the lighting on the M-30. The objective is to guarantee the best possible visibility for drivers and to detect any issue with the lighting in order to be able to solve it as soon as possible. There are around 40,000 lights that are permanently on and […]

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alerta cambio involuntario de carril

How does the involuntary lane change alert work?

Published 09 de January de 2020 Innovation

One of the most cutting-edge innovations in car safety is the involuntary lane change alert. It is a system that is being added as an extra in more and more vehicles. It aims to interpret as accurately as possible whether or not the driver has left the lane involuntarily due to a distraction. It does so […]

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The M-30 Control Centre’s technological system

Published 23 de December de 2019 Innovation

Emesa is committed to innovation in managing and controlling the M-30. The M-30’s technological systems enable obtaining, analysing and exploiting data in order to continuously monitor the facilities, as well as to evaluate traffic in real time and to take action in the event of any kind of incident on the road, as quickly as possible. Each […]

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The last
What is aquaplaning?: Tips to avoid it Published 23 de March de 2020

Surely if you’ve ever driven in the rain, you will have noticed how your car loses stability and grip due to aquaplaning. This phenomenon causes the car to lose control, and once hydroplaning has started, nothing can stop it. It is one of the main causes of accidents on rainy days or where there are […]

What are the speed limits in Europe? Published 19 de March de 2020

Did you know that there are regions where there are no speed limits in Europe? There are 4 regions where you can drive at whatever speed you’d like, without limits. There are also limits of up to 140 km/h and other countries that don’t allow you to go above 90 km/h on motorways. Find out […]

Simulation 2019

Published 01 de March de 2019

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