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revisar el coche antes de viajar

Should I check the car before travelling?

Published 30 de July de 2019 Curiosities in M-30

It is necessary to check the car before travelling or going on holidays. Many people go away for the odd weekend break while others travel most weekends. However, most people opt for long trips with the arrival of the good weather. Whether it is a short or long trip, it is important to check the car and […]

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equipaje coche maletero

Tips on How to Place Luggage in a Car

Published 26 de July de 2019 Curiosities in M-30

When it comes time to go on holiday, the same problem always arises. How should you organise your luggage in the car? Some drivers underestimate the risk of incorrectly loading up their vehicle, or not taking the necessary precautions. Before going on a trip, you need to make sure the vehicle is in good condition and […]

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bicicletas electricas seguro obligatorio

Do electric bicycles have to get compulsory insurance?

Published 16 de July de 2019 Curiosities in M-30

Do electric bicycles need compulsory insurance? The demand for these vehicles is growing, suggesting that they should be legislated to ensure proper conduct of them, such as with cars. Consequently, electrics bike may be governed by current traffic laws although they must not circulate on the road as such but can do so in areas […]

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etiqueta neumatico ejemplo

How do you read a tire label?

Published 12 de July de 2019 Curiosities in M-30

A tire label provides you with all the information about its proportions and properties. Tries must be perfectly designed to comply with current European regulations on tire labels. We’re talking about the European Union’s EC Regulation 1222/2009 on tire labels, which give us more standard information based on three of their properties. First, efficient fuel consumption according […]

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legislacion bicicletas electricas españa

What is the legislation for electric bicycles in Spain?

Published 04 de July de 2019 Curiosities in M-30

The legislation for electric bicycles in Spain arose from the popularisation of these machines, since their characteristics differ slightly from other traditional modes, above all regarding the maximum speed they can reach and that a driving license is not required. Although one might think they have more in common with vehicles like motorcycles, the truth is […]

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The last
What equipment is obligatory for motorcycles? Published 20 de August de 2019

It is essential to use obligatory equipment for motorcycles in order to drive safely and avoid or reduce damages caused by accidents.As we know, driving a motorcycle is more dangerous than driving a car.We have to keep in mind that motorists are people who have very little visibility of other vehicles and, consequently, there is greater risk […]

Electric scooter regulations in Madrid: Are they permitted? Published 19 de August de 2019

Madrid scrambles to adapt to new mobility trends. Therefore, electric scooters are still a very popular alternative, due to the comfort and flexibility they offer. However, to prevent even greater problems, it is important to be aware of the regulations concerning electric scooters in Madrid. Just like with car drivers, if you are thinking of using […]

Simulation 2019

Published 01 de March de 2019

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