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efecto miron

Voyeur effect: Take care if you are one of the voyeurs on the road

Published 13 de April de 2020 Curiosities in M-30

The Voyeur effect is one of the most dangerous things on the road, as it can lead to traffic accidents, and quite often, they occur in a chain. I’m sure that at some point you have slowed down when passing a traffic accident to see what was happening, even when the emergency services were already at the […]

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cómo sentarse correctamente en el coche

6 tips on how to sit correctly while driving

Published 09 de April de 2020 Curiosities in M-30

Road safety is not only about wearing a seat belt or respecting maximum speed limits, it is also about knowing how to sit correctly while driving. The correct posture allows us to act, quickly and safely, in the event of any unforeseen event that may arise while driving. How to sit correctly while driving Follow our […]

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frenada irregular vehiculo

How do I detect uneven braking in my vehicle?

Published 06 de April de 2020 Curiosities in M-30

Immediate action is required as soon as we notice uneven braking in our vehicle. Car brakes are critical parts that ensure safety for the vehicle and people. The most common symptoms of a failure in the braking system are usually the following: Vehicle pulling to one side. Increased braking distance. Unusual sounds when pressing the brake. We […]

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ventilación túneles m30

How does the M-30 tunnel ventilation system work?

Published 30 de March de 2020 Curiosities in M-30

Ventilating the M30 tunnels is vital to ensuring the safety of its users in the event of an accident or fire. This road has a total of 48 kilometres of tunnels, which are equipped with 2 different ventilation systems that allow them to comply with road safety regulations. These 48 kilometres have up to 900 fans […]

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línea amarilla zig zag

Yellow zigzag line: Can you stop in this area?

Published 26 de March de 2020 Curiosities in M-30

When we are looking for a parking space, we often wonder if we can stop or park over the area with a yellow zigzag line. We know that if the painted kerb is a continuous yellow line it means no parking or stopping, and the dashed yellow kerb means no parking but stopping. But then, […]

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The last
Estaciones BiciMad: dónde puedo encontrarlas Published 03 de August de 2020

En Madrid apostamos por el transporte sostenible, el ejercicio al aire libre y el disfrute de la ciudad y no hay mejor manera que recorrerla en bici. Descubre las estaciones Bicimad que hay por la ciudad y visita la capital pedaleando. El sistema cuenta con más de 200 estaciones repartidas por toda la ciudad, te […]

Is driving during the coronavirus allowed? Published 30 de April de 2020

The state of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the government to establish measures to avoid it from spreading. The Directorate General of Traffic together with the State’s Security Forces have established whether driving during the coronavirus is possible and in which circumstances. Under which circumstances can we drive? Article 7 of Royal […]

Simulation 2019

Published 01 de March de 2019

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