Can you drive and park in Madrid Central on a motorcycle?

Publicado el 18/12/2018
Motos Madrid Central

Driving motorcycles in Madrid Central has also been restricted since 30th November 2018. As you know, Madrid Central is the name given to the area in the centre of the capital which, in order to ensure low emissions, has been subject to special traffic regulations. This area consists of a total of 472 hectares where traffic is restricted.

With this measure, Madrid City Council aims to turn the city’s central district into an area free of polluting emissions. And to also make it a pedestrian-friendly area, as well as for public transport and other vehicles such as bicycles. In order to achieve this, some streets such as Gran Vía and Atocha will also be reformed.

Driving motorcycles in Madrid Central

Madrid Central includes the areas of Embajadores, Cortes, Justicia, Sol, Palacio and Universidad. In these areas are the most popular streets such as the abovementioned Gran Vía, Paseo del Prado, Glorieta de Embajadores, Ronda de Valencia and Plaza de Cibeles.

As we already mentioned, Madrid Central came into force on 30th November 2018 and will be permanent. Cars and trucks have been restricted within the area, as well as motorcycles. So, if you are used to travelling in this kind of vehicle, you need to know what the traffic regulations are in this area.

To explain it to you, first we have to talk about the environmental labels given by Spain’s Directorate General of Traffic, as this new regulation depends on them. This public body provides four types of labels.

The “B” label is for petrol cars, light vans and motorcycles registered from January 2000 and diesel from January 2006. The “C” label is for petrol cars, light vans and motorcycles registered from January 2006 and diesel from 2014 and has a greater energy efficiency than the “B” label. Better yet is the “ECO” label for hybrid vehicles and vehicles fuelled by natural gas or liquid petroleum gas (GLP).

And at the top is “CERO”, which is for vehicles that meet all the regulation’s requirements. Meaning, electric and hybrid vehicles with a range of more than 40 kilometres with no combustion engine.

Petrol vehicles before 2000 and diesel vehicles registered before 2006 do not have a label.

Motorcycle regulations in Madrid Central

Below, we will explain to you the traffic regulations for motorcycles in Madrid Central. If your motorcycle does not have a label but you park in a private garage, you can drive in this area until 31st December 2019. Also, if you do have the label and park in a car park in the area, you have free access 24 hours a day.

Similarly, if your motorcycle has the ECO or CERO labels, you have completely free access to Madrid Central. However, if you have the B or C labels you only have access between 7am and 10pm. Also, you may be interested to know that the number of parking spaces for motorcycles in the area is going to be increased by more than 1,400 (from 1,276 to 2,693).

On the other hand, if you are registered as a resident in the central district of Madrid, you have special conditions under the new regulations. You can freely access and park in the whole area until 2025. From then on, you will only be able to do so if your motorcycle has a label.

Similarly, if you have a business in the area that includes motorcycles you also have different rules. If they don’t have an environmental label, they cannot enter Madrid Central, while those who do have one, have restricted hours. All this applies unless you have a parking space in the area. In which case, you can access it with any type of motorcycle until 2020.

Motorcycle parking in Madrid Central

And this brings us to the issue of parking in the area. As we have already mentioned, the number of parking spaces for motorcycles is going to significantly increase to 2,693. So, it is forbidden to park on the pavements. And also, you cannot chain your vehicle to street furniture such as trees, traffic signs or benches.

At the same time, you can park your motorcycle in the parking bays. But you must park at an angle to the pavement and without occupying more than two metres. The aim of this is to allow pedestrians to walk from the road to the pavement and vice versa.

In conclusion, Madrid Central is a restricted access area for vehicles since 30th November 2018. There are specific regulations for motorcycles which depends on the environmental labels from Spain’s Directorate General of Traffic. But, if you are a resident in the area or have a business there, you benefit from special conditions.

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