Public celebrations and events near the M-30

Publicado el 04/10/2018
fiestas populares de madrid

If you spend time in the capital you will be interested to know about the most popular festivals in Madrid which are situated close to the famous M30. He we let you know about the different kind of events and festivals that take place around this busy Madrid motorway. It is not bad to take a detour from the road from time to time, to enjoy the festivities that surround the popular Madrid motorway.

The popular festivals in Madrid close to the M-30


In September the Melonera festival must be given a mention, which took place on the esplanade of Madrid Río. There were also numerous events which took place on the 22nd, such as the Sport Village Semana Europea del Deporte in the Puente del Rey area. On the 24th, the 6th Madrid Fair of Solidarity Economy was set up on the Madrid Río Multiuse Esplanade (black esplanade).
In October there are a lot of events in Madrid Río, especially if you enjoy walking or cycling. From the 6th to 11th October you can discover the local birds in autumn with specialized ornithologists acting as guides. On Sunday 21st October you can attend the presentation of the book Madrid and its river: the banks of the Manzanares. And from 27th October to 25th November there are the Bici-ate connecting green Guided bike tours.


To coincide with the arrival of the cold weather to the city, on 21st December the winter solstice festival takes place in Madrid Rio, also known as the festival of light, where there are activities for the young and old alike. From storytelling, to when everyone present lights flying lanterns that light up the whole sky.
The quintessential event that takes place in Madrid at this time of year is San Silvestre Vallecana. 10 km long and a half century of history, runners dressed up in all kinds of costumes take to the street, not only to run, but to have a great time too. 31st December is New Year’s Eve, and Puerta del Sol is the place to be, where the square around it is packed with people waiting to see in the new year.


It is one of the best times to enjoy the outdoor festivals in Madrid. On 2nd May in the Malasaña neighbourhood, various activities are carried out, with exhibitions and works by more than one hundred artists, both professionals and amateurs alike, related to the neighbourhood.
From 11th to 15th May the streets of Madrid are filled with even more life with the Fiestas de San Isidro. Eat a chitterlings sandwich, enjoy the open-air dance and the fireworks as well as experiencing something unique that is taking place throughout the whole capital.


In summer in Madrid Río there are usually many outdoor activities. For example, The Salsa Night in Madrid Río, where you can dance salsa for hours Caribbean-style, with live music and specialist DJs.

The festival of San Cayetano takes place in the Embajadores neighbourhood and gets the August festivals in Madrid off to a start, which are made up of the San Lorenzo festival, the Verbena de la Paloma festival as well as the San Cayetano festival.

In short, the popular festivals in Madrid are the perfect experience to get away from your daily routine, to enjoy everything there is to be found in the capital.

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