Predictive maintenance of the M-30 motorway’s electrical installations

Publicado el 28/11/2019
mantenimiento predictivo m30

One part of the predictive maintenance of the M30 affects the electrical installations of this inner ring road.

These preventive maintenance actions are carried out according to a program which includes regular measures aimed at checking that the electrical installations are operating properly.

This type of maintenance is done according to a programmed schedule, but it is also carried out continuously to be absolutely certain that the different elements that illuminate the M30 motorway are working properly, thus ensuring that the motorway’s users can drive safely.

Predictive maintenance for the M-30 motorway’s electrical installations

The following measures are carried out daily for the predictive maintenance of the M30 motorway:

Measuring temperatures using a thermal imaging camera

The use of thermal imaging cameras helps measure temperature changes in the different electrical switchboards and in high voltage installations. A bad connection, a subgrade insulation area or the wear and tear of electrical equipment are situations that generate a progressive increase in temperature.

This situation can cause defects in the proper functioning of the installation, which can end up putting drivers at risk.

Therefore, periodic scanning with a camera that has the ability to detect these types of problems is mandatory to effectively prevent all types of incidents.

Oil analysis of large motor generator sets

In order to ensure the machinery’s proper functioning, it is important to analyze and carry out exhaustive maintenance measures on the oil that lubricates its engines.

By studying its density and durability, it is possible to confirm the presence of poor combustion or regulation malfunction in the various elements that make up the machinery. Typically, these analyses are always done for larger groups which can support more installations.

This maintenance option is also responsible for confirming that the engine of each motor generator set has enough capacity to continue carrying out its function.

Maintenance personnel inspections

Rotating machines make strange noises and / or vibrate before becoming unsuitable for use. When it comes to tunnels, it is essential to carry out continual checks to anticipate equipment failure, like those which include noise or vibration controls of fans and pumps.

Emesa carries out the predictive maintenance for the M30 motorway, ensuring its proper illumination and drivers’ safety.

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