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EJE&CON Awards to Genderless Talent

The EJE & CON Awards to Genderless Talent to Emesa M-30

Published 27 de February de 2020 Press

The EJE&CON Awards to Genderless Talent go to IKEA, EMESA M-30, AINIA, YO DONA and the Honourable Mention Award to Antonio Garrigues EJE&CON (the Spanish Association of Executives and Counsellors) has given out the Awards to Genderless Talent that recognise the organisations, institutions and public figures in Spanish society that promote female talent day after […]

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mejora ventiladores tuneles m30

Improvements to the M-30 tunnel fans

Published 28 de January de 2020 Press

Thanks to the high-performance equipment used by Emesa, the installation has been completed without disruption to service on the road Emesa has carried out the assembly and installation of several fans in the M-30 tunnel. This is a remarkable operation job in terms of road maintenance which has required high performance machinery designed especially for […]

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Convenio de colaboración Emesa, Cogiti y Cogitim

Emesa will create synergies with COGITI and COGITIM for the professional development of its employees

Published 21 de January de 2020 Press

The General Council of Industrial Technical Engineering of Spain (COGITI) and the College of Industrial Technical Engineers of Madrid (COGITIM) have signed a collaboration agreement with Emesa, regarding training and employment. This agreement will allow its employees and managers to benefit from COGITI’s e-learning training platform and technical courses at favourable terms and via distance learning. […]

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labores bajada de temperaturas emesa

The M-30 copes with the drop in temperatures with 69 tons of salt and over 19,000 litres of brine

Published 20 de January de 2020 Press

Although the winter weather forecasts this year predicted a somewhat warmer season than usual, the arrival of storms such as “Gloria”, the most recent to affect the entire country, makes a winter road plan for key infrastructure such as the M-30 ring road in Madrid, one of the busiest roads in Spain, absolutely imperative. Since […]

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Emesa I Congreso Internacional de Seguridad en Espacios Confinados y Obras Subterráneas (ECOS)

Emesa participates in the first International Congress of Safety in Confined Spaces and Underground Working Sites (ECOS)

Published 10 de December de 2019 Press

Mar Martínez, responsible for the Emesa Tunnel Security Area, was one of the speakers at the first International Congress of Safety in Confined Spaces and Underground Working Sites (ECOS), organised by the Hunosa Group, which took place in Oviedo between 27th November and 29th November. The event, promoted by the State Participation Society (SEPI), associated with […]

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The last
Estaciones BiciMad: dónde puedo encontrarlas Published 03 de August de 2020

En Madrid apostamos por el transporte sostenible, el ejercicio al aire libre y el disfrute de la ciudad y no hay mejor manera que recorrerla en bici. Descubre las estaciones Bicimad que hay por la ciudad y visita la capital pedaleando. El sistema cuenta con más de 200 estaciones repartidas por toda la ciudad, te […]

Is driving during the coronavirus allowed? Published 30 de April de 2020

The state of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the government to establish measures to avoid it from spreading. The Directorate General of Traffic together with the State’s Security Forces have established whether driving during the coronavirus is possible and in which circumstances. Under which circumstances can we drive? Article 7 of Royal […]

Simulation 2019

Published 01 de March de 2019

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