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II Course of Experts in Road Safety people participants

Emesa is participating in the II Expert Course on Road Safety from CIFAL Madrid RACE, the European University and the UN

Published 12 de June de 2019 Press

On Wednesday 5th June the M-30 control centre took the main stage in one of the sessions of the Expert in Road Safety Management course that the European University, the Royal Automobile Club of Spain (RACE), as the entity responsible for the CIFAL Madrid Centre, and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) […]

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Emesa receives professionals from South Korea, Brazil and England in May

Emesa receives professionals from South Korea, Brazil and England in May

Published 23 de May de 2019 Press

This May, Emesa received several international delegations that came to visit the tunnels of the M-30 to learn from their facilities and constructive methodologies, as well as the management carried out by our company, in order to apply it to their respective projects. On 16 May, Emesa was visited by a commission from the city […]

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Emesa case study

Emesa, case study for International Experts in Cilvil Engineering

Published 28 de March de 2019 Press

During the month of March, Emesa’s facilities have served as a meeting point for numerous experts in civil engineering from around the world. Interested in the management and maintenance of infrastructures and complex traffic routes such as the M-30, they have come to the company’s facilities to learn in situ about the daily challenges that […]

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visita coreanos

South Korean entrepreneurs visit Emesa’s facilities

Published 01 de March de 2019 Press

On 14 February Emesa welcomed 10 representatives from South Korean construction companies. The objective of the visit was to learn, first-hand, about the technical and management aspects of highly complex infrastructures such as those overseen and managed by Emesa. Specifically, representatives of the following companies travelled to Spain: Hyundai Construction, Kunhwa, Sambo, Esco, Namjin, Hyubwoojiyeu, Parkor […]

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SOSFM, the “radio” that notifies you about incidences in the M-30 tunnels

Published 21 de February de 2019 Press

Has a voice ever suddenly come on your car radio warning of an incident while you were going through the tunnels of the M-30? If so, then you are already familiar with the SOSFM service. And if not, today you will discover this alert system available in the M-30 tunnels. It is one of the […]

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The last
What equipment is obligatory for motorcycles? Published 20 de August de 2019

It is essential to use obligatory equipment for motorcycles in order to drive safely and avoid or reduce damages caused by accidents.As we know, driving a motorcycle is more dangerous than driving a car.We have to keep in mind that motorists are people who have very little visibility of other vehicles and, consequently, there is greater risk […]

Electric scooter regulations in Madrid: Are they permitted? Published 19 de August de 2019

Madrid scrambles to adapt to new mobility trends. Therefore, electric scooters are still a very popular alternative, due to the comfort and flexibility they offer. However, to prevent even greater problems, it is important to be aware of the regulations concerning electric scooters in Madrid. Just like with car drivers, if you are thinking of using […]

Simulation 2019

Published 01 de March de 2019

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