The M-30 copes with the drop in temperatures with 69 tons of salt and over 19,000 litres of brine

Published 20/01/2020
labores bajada de temperaturas emesa

Although the winter weather forecasts this year predicted a somewhat warmer season than usual, the arrival of storms such as “Gloria”, the most recent to affect the entire country, makes a winter road plan for key infrastructure such as the M-30 ring road in Madrid, one of the busiest roads in Spain, absolutely imperative.

Since the beginning of January and continuing until the 14th, Emesa, the company responsible for the servicing and maintenance of the M-30, has carried out various preventive actions to ensure that the road is 100% prepared for any case of extreme weather, such as we are currently experiencing, including a drastic drop in temperature, high winds and a high probability of rain.

Just last week, Emesa’s winter preparation teams spread a total of 69 tons of salt and 19,300 litres of brine over an area of over 1,600 kilometres of asphalt. The bridges and walkways surrounding the M-30 have also benefited from the winter plan and the company has prepared over 345 kilometres of sidewalks, walkways and zebra crossings for lowering temperatures by salt spreading.

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