Measures to reduce pollution on the M-30

Publicado el 02/09/2019
reducir contaminacion m30 tunel

One of the priorities in Madrid is to reduce the pollution on the M30 and across the capital. One of the most well-known measures is the  speed reduction to 70 km per hour on this ring road around the city of Madrid. Various weather factors come together in these circumstances, leading to a high concentration of polluting gases.

For this reason, the measures taken avoid reaching critical health alert situations. With a combination of restrictive measures, the Madrid City Council seeks to reduce pollution levels. For this reason, the Madrid Central plan has been in place since 30 November 2018.

Measures to reduce pollution on the M-30

In addition to reducing the speed limit, control devices and correctors have also been incorporated along the road. These are located in the important underground or tunnel section because it is the point where the combustion gases present a greater risk. If the air in open areas is congested and there is no wind, a long-distance tunnel has to be the preferred area of action.

Environmental sensors

Environmental sensors are instruments for measuring air quality. The critical parameters for these purposes are carbon dioxide CO2 and nitrogen dioxide NO2. These instruments are added to the many others that examine the state of urban traffic in these areas and quickly detect incidents.

The road safety programmes implemented in these infrastructures generate a large amount of data in real time. For this reason, the discovery of a parameter with abnormal values in the composition of the air can be explained using other records.

Ventilation system

In one-way tunnels for land transport, ventilation systems are essential. They form a shield against any serious consequences in possible accidents. If the underground section is long enough, these measures take priority attention.

These ventilation systems installed on the M-30 are designed to operate in a regulated manner. Also, thanks to the permanent monitoring and the access of the camera assistance personnel, in any situation it is easy to act with information in real time.

Filter stations

The 900 fans that move air in the transverse and longitudinal directions need equipment that cleans the air before it reaches outside. This task is carried out by 19 filter stations that stop the most environmentally harmful particles.

Infrastructure ventilators do not saturate or pollute the surface air where they are located. So, the tunnel air closes a complete cycle without being a polluting source to the surroundings.

Plastic bags with recycled material

The plastic bags used to collect waste and clean the M30 have been replaced by plastic bags made from 80% recycled material.

To conclude, to reduce pollution on the M30, atmospheric pollution is tackled on a strategic transportation artery. Hence the difficulties in making compatible values that we can all welcome, such as traffic fluidity and comfort along with maximum safety and sustainable driving.


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