San Isidro Funeral Parlour: How to get there from the M-30?

Published 02/04/2019
San Isidro Funeral Parlour How to get there

When we need to go to a place like San Isidro Funeral Parlour, getting there quickly and efficiently is essential. Especially considering that there are many traffic jams in Madrid and access roads are constantly collapsed, especially at peak times. Therefore, before making a journey you must identify all possible alternatives, and make sure you really know which is your best option and which is the best route.

How to get to San Isidro Funeral Parlour by public transport

You can use different means of public transport to get to San Isidro Funeral Parlour. Including the bus, subway or train. Next, we will explain which routes are the most used, the cheapest and, also, the fastest.

By bus

Of course, the journey will depend on the departure point. There are several bus stops a few minutes walk from the San Isidro Funeral Parlour.

One of those stops is number 918, or 919 in the opposite direction, which connect lines 23 and N15. It is located on calle Antonio López at number 4 and number 5, next to the Marqués de Vadillo roundabout.

There is also stops 329 or 330 nearby, which are connected to lines 34, 35, 118, 119 and N26. They are also located near the Marqués de Vadillo roundabout, but in Calle General Ricardos, at number 1 and number 8. From Cibeles, the journey takes around 30 minutes, and from the Plaza Mayor or Prado – Atocha around 15 minutes. If you need to go at night and you are in Alonso Martínez, with the N26 nightbus, you can get there in approximately 35 minutes.

Stop 4747 is located in the Paseo de la Ermita del Santo at number 74 and connects with line 25. From Opera, the journey takes approximately 30 minutes.

Finally, we can find, next to San Isidro Funeral Parlour, stop 3925 in avenida Manzanares number 106 that connects with line 50. From Plaza Mayor, the journey takes about 25 minutes.

Bus tickets cost €1.50

By metro

If you want to get to the funeral parlour by metro, the two closest stops to the funeral parlour are Urgel or Marqués de Vadillo. Both stops are connected to line 5. From both stops, you have to walk approximately 8 minutes to get to the funeral parlour. So, if your departure point is Callao, it will take approximately 20 minutes to get there. If you’re leaving from las Ventas, it will take you 30 minutes to get to the funeral parlour.

The ticket price will depend on the departure point, single tickets cost at least €1.50 and the price increases according to the number of stations up to a maximum of €2.

By commuter train

The nearest train station to the funeral parlour is the one in Pirámides. You can get to the funeral parlour in any commuter train, since all pass through Atocha and you can transfer to Pirámides in a very short time. But to get to the funeral parlour from Pirámides, you will have to walk about 20 minutes or else combine the train near the metro to Urgel or Marqués de Vadillo.

Tickets cost €1.70.

How to get to San Isidro Funeral Parlour by car or taxi

If you opt for private transport or taxi, the M30 will always be your best option regardless of your departure point, as it is perfectly connected to all areas of the capital.

From the north, you should take the M30 direction A-6, A-5, A-42 and take exit 16 in direction Pº E. from Santo / San Isidro and from the south you should go on the M-30 towards A-42, A-5, A-6 and take exit 15 towards the Marqués de Vadillo roundabout.

The journey time will depend on your departure point and the traffic. If you’re going by taxi, the price will be 1.05 euros per kilometre plus the base fee for the start of the trip.

What is the best option to get to the northern funeral parlour in Madrid?

If you choose public transport, either for the convenience or because you do not have your own car, the bus and metro are the cheapest and fastest options, although the bus depends on traffic conditions. In case you use your own car or taxi, the M30 is always a good option to avoid wasting time and save the most money.

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