The Best Parks and Gardens Near the M-30

Publicado el 06/09/2018
Parque m30

Everyone knows how important parks are in large cities. In Madrid, in addition to the M30 Park in the Madrid Río area, there are many others that are located nearby. These destinations within the capital are not only part of the city’s green lung, but produce significant quantities of oxygen for the people who live there and suffer directly from the consequences of the ever-increasing air pollution. They also serve as an escape from the city for its inhabitants.

Discover these parks and gardens located close to the M-30

Among the hustle and bustle of any urban area, it’s always good to have a space where you can take a step back and enjoy some peace and quiet, away from the traffic and the noise caused by both people and vehicles. That’s why we’ve decided to include some of the parks that are closest to the M-30, which are the perfect spaces for resting, enjoying some leisure time and much-needed relaxation.

  • Buen Retiro Park.
  • Forest of Remembrance.
  • Western Park.
  • Campo del Moro Gardens.
  • Juan Carlos I Park.
  • Temple of Debod Gardens.
  • Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid.

Grassy Areas for Doing Sports

  • Buen Retiro Park: this is one of the most versatile parks in Madrid, it’s the ideal place for doing sports such as running or cycling thanks to its numerous and extensive facilities.
  • Western Park: not only will you see children playing in this park, but it is also the perfect place for doing sports. The sports facilities located here make it the ideal location.
  • Juan Carlos I Park: open to the public every day of the year and of an impressive size, this is one of the most complete parks that you’ll find in the capital. Outdoor sculptures, an auditorium and a greenhouse are just some of its main attractions. In addition, there is an area for kids, pets and sports facilities, so you can even do sports with your pet if that’s something that interests you.
Descubre estos parques y zonas ajardinadas cercanos a la M-30

The Temple of Debod is very close to the Western Park, both of which are great options if you have children.

Kid-Friendly Parks

  • Temple of Debod Gardens: built to accompany the temple that Egypt donated to Spain back in 1968. From here you can watch beautiful sunsets with the Royal Palace, the Casa de Campo Park and the Manzanares River as a backdrop. In addition, it’s a perfect place to go to with children as it has a playground area for kids.
  • Western Park: located in the Moncloa neighbourhood, it has an artificial river, a wide variety of trees and plant species, sports facilities, children’s areas and a cable car. Perfect for having a fantastic day out with the little ones.
  • Buen Retiro Park: we couldn’t have made this list without including Madrid’s famous green lung. This is the park par excellence in Madrid, which offers places to explore such as its pond, the Crystal Palace, or the various activities that take place every day. It’s the perfect spot for spending an unforgettable day with your kids.
  • Casa de Campo Park: here’s one interesting fact – this park is 5 times bigger than Central Park. Although it is mostly forested areas, within it you can find the Amusement Park, the Zoo and the Fairground, meaning a fun day out with your kids is more than guaranteed!

Romantic Gardens to Visit as a Couple

  • Royal Botanical Garden: open to the public every day of the year except on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, with different opening hours depending on the time of year. Its main objective is to enjoy and help conserve plants, while also spreading knowledge on the different species and their natural environment.
  • Forest of Remembrance: located inside the Retiro Park, it was inaugurated in 2005 and has numerous cypresses and olive trees, as well as large gardens surrounded by hedges, trees and benches. A perfect, relaxing place to visit with your partner.
  • Campo del Moro Gardens: free entrance, although opening hours vary depending on the time of year. It links up with the Royal Palace and the Manzanares River, and you can also find monumental fountains, ponds, trees and interesting buildings.

Most of these parks and gardens are well-known for their location and size, as well as for how popular they are, and the truth is that any time is a good time to visit them.

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