The M-30 has the first cardiac protected tunnel in the world

Published 04/07/2016
Emesa consigue un reconocimiento por tener el primer Túnel Cardioprotegido del Mundo

Emesa achieves recognition for the first Cardiac Protected Tunnel in the World

In close collaboration, partners EMESA and Madrid Calle 30 were given a joint award for the first Cardiac Protected Tunnel in the World. This project has been possible thanks to the proposal by the first intervention personnel who, together with the Management of EMESA and the Head of Tunnel Safety, opted for giving full support to the initiative.

The Semi-Automatic External Defibrillator (DESA in Spanish) has been designed so that it can be used by non-medical personnel. The DESAs are located in the vehicles that intervention agents drive daily, so that they can use them quickly in the event of cardiac arrest.

The initiative will also be extended to the surface of Calle 30 as soon as SAMUR (Municipal Emergency Assistance and Rescue Service in Spanish)-Civil Protection complete the training.

EMESA is characterised by the importance given to achieving maximum safety for both users and staff, a principle we follow in the maintenance and preservation of our facilities. To the cutting-edge smart systems of energy supply, lighting, traffic management, automatic incident detection and linear fire detection, among others, now we add semi-automatic defibrillators.

This commitment to health and safety, through the installation of defibrillators, has earned us recognition by SAMUR-Civil Protection.

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