These are the closest car parks near to the M-30

Published 09/08/2018
parkings fuera m-30

Finding a car park near the M-30 can be a real chore if you do not know where to look. As of today, Madrid is a difficult city for driving due to its high number of vehicles and the lack of parking spaces.

This problem is especially serious in certain areas. Therefore, on this occasion, we want to talk about the nearest car parks. No doubt, it will prove valuable information for all those who do not know where to leave their vehicles in the area.

Finding a car park near the M-30: recommended options

We know that until recently it was difficult to find a car park around the M-30 but nowadays there is a wide variety of alternatives, either public or private. Most are paid car parks, although a few are free:

Low Cost Turismos – M-30 Car Park

This car park also has sections for buses and trucks. It is located in the southern area of the M-30, between Legazpi and Puente de Vallecas, on Entrevías Avenue. In fact, if you are heading towards the city centre, there is a metro station and a commuter rail service station right next to you.

This car park offers parking space for only 8 Euros per day. The fees, in general, are quite cheap, which makes sense when considering its name.

Centro Norte Car Park

As its very name indicates, this car park is located in the northern part of the M-30, specifically at number 27 on Agustín de Foxá Street. It is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and it also offers a convenient bicycle rental service to get around the area. It has 35,000 square metres divided on three different floors and a total of 1,200 parking spaces.

This car park offers the 24-hour park-and-ride ticket with the option of a single exit for 10 Euros. The normal park-and-ride ticket costs 15 Euros. You can also purchase a ticket for nights only, for a specific time slot or for longer periods.

Cuesta de San Vicente Car Park

Between numbers 14 and 16 of Cuesta de San Vicente Street, located in the east of the M-30, you can find this interesting covered car park and park right after taking the ramp towards the A5. As the main appeal, it is very close to the Royal Palace and the Plaza de España and a commuter rail service station. This makes it perfect to visit numerous places of interest in Madrid.

This is a more expensive alternative than the previous ones, although it is better located. In particular, the price per minute for a car is 0.042 Euros and for a motorcycle 0.02 Euros. For 24 hours, the prices are, 26.70 and 13.30 Euros, respectively.

Finding a car park near the M-30 is not that hard

It has been made clear that there are many options available to drivers when leaving the car in a car park near the M-30. You only have to know which area is more convenient in each case and choose any of the abovementioned car parks. There are often free parking spaces in all of them and, in addition, they have surveillance systems.

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