The 8 best Three Kings Parades in Madrid

Published 02/01/2019
Three Kings Parades in Madrid

The Three Kings Parade in Madrid is one of the most anticipated of the year, both for adults and, especially, for children. So, if you don’t want to miss the next parade in Madrid, we will tell you the best of each of the 8 best Three Kings Parade you can go to in Madrid.

The Three Kings Parade in Madrid

The Three Kings Parade in Madrid is the most anticipated in the whole of Spain and is even televised on channels La1 and Telemadrid. This parade starts at Plaza de San Juan de la Cruz. It has a large route through Paseo de la Castellana and finishes at Plaza de Cibeles approximately two hours after it starts.

You must bear this parade in mind if you live in Madrid, even if you are not thinking about going, as it can cause road closures and changes to bus routes.

The Three Kings Parade in Getafe

In recent years, Getafe has welcomed the Three Kings at the Alfonso Pérez Coliseum, where they land by helicopter. The children that go to the Coliseum can deliver their last-minute letters to the Kings before the parade begins.

The parade starts at 7pm, going along Avenida Juan de Borbón, Avenida España, Calle Gibraltar, followed by Avenida Juan de la Cierva, Calle Madrid, Plaza de la Constitución and Calle Toledo. Without a doubt, a route that you and the kids cannot miss if you live in Getafe.

The Three Kings Parade in Leganés

In Leganés, the Three Kings Parade is a real tradition. More than 2000 people participate in this parade, divided into 23 different cultural and sports associations. Without a doubt, the Leganés parade has a large turnout.

The route of the parade will start at Fuente de Grecia in the area of El Carrascal. From there, it will continue along Avenida Rey Juan Carlos, Glorieta de Leganés and Avenida de Fuenlabrada. Finally, it will go along Calle Pizarro to finish at Plaza Mayor de Leganés.

To give a final touch to this parade, an animation will be projected onto the façade of the Town Hall. If you go, you can also enjoy fireworks.

The Three Kings Parade in Móstoles

The Three Kings Parade in Móstoles starts at Avenida Alfonso XII, on the corner with Paseo Arroyomolinos. The parade continues along Avenida Dos de Mayo, Calle del Cristo, Calle Antonio Hernández and ends at Plaza de España de Móstoles.

The Three Kings Parade in Fuenlabrada

As well as the Three Kings Parade in the centre of Madrid, the parade in Fuenlabrada is one of the biggest in terms of the amount of people who go to see it. The Three Kings come to this parade with 53 floats created by 43 different organisations from the city.

The parade in Fuenlabrada starts at Calle Cuzco and continues along the streets Leganés, Málaga, Avenida de las Regiones, Avenida de las Naciones, Calle Francia, Avenida de las Naciones, Calle Grecia and Calle Hungría.

As is traditional at the Three Kings Parade in Fuenlabrada, when it finishes, one of the Three Kings will make a speech at Plaza de la Constitución.

Other Parades:

The Three Kings Parade in Alcalá de Henares

The Three Kings Parade in Alcalá de Henares starts at Avenida Virgen del Val, next to Alcala’s sports centre. It makes its way through different streets in the town to end at Plaza de Cervantes.

The Three Kings Parade in Boadilla del Monte

Each year the Three Kings Parade in Boadilla del Monte is a great display of floats, bands, parades, royal postmen, etc. More than 700 people participate in the creation of this big parade. The route goes through the main streets of Boadilla del Monte, accompanied by a Cavalry squadron of the Civil Guard.

The Three Kings Parade in San Lorenzo del Escorial

And finally, the Three Kings Parade in San Lorenzo del Escorial. In this parade the Three Kings start their route in the courtyard of the Royal Monastery, going through the market, continuing towards the San Lorenzo del Escorial Town Hall square and finishing at Floridablanca.

Without a doubt, there are many options you can choose from to spend your next eve of Three Kings Day. Choose the parade you think is the best Three Kings Parade in Madrid and don’t miss out.

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