Traffic M-30

Estado del tráfico en la M30

Actualizado: 2024-02-19 15:50:00
Vehículos circulando: 7.334
Vehículos en el tunel: 1.209
Vel. media tunel: 64.34 Km/h
Vel. media sup: 72.24 Km/h
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A few facts about the M-30

Each day more than one and a half million users use this Madrid way to travel. And every day also, more than 300 professionals work to make the circulation as fluid and safe as possible.

longitud de la m-30

A ring of 32.5 kilometers in length

M-30 is a ring of 32.5 km in length, which allows its users travelling within the city to save time, and those driving to the centre of Spain to turn towards their preferred destination.
Taking into account main roads and branches the M-30 has a total of 200 passable kilometers.
The total length is supervised by Emesa, so motorists can enjoy their trips hassle-free and as safely as possible.

trayectos diarios de coches por la m-30

2,000,000 daily journeys

One may wonder what it entails to have over 2 million daily users who cover an average of 9 million kilometres. Handling such traffic volume requires the kind of professional, highly-qualified team that EMESA has. From the Control Centre to the maintenance team, all our professionals ensure user safety and a first-rate service, 365 days a year.

19 kilómetros de túneles por la m-30

48 kilometres of underground tunnels

The M-30 tunnels constitute the largest network of urban tunnels in Europe. They move the traffic out of the city centre and make trips more pleasant for both road users and residents.
The tunnels boast state-of-the-art safety measures and equipment to ensure their continued operation.

Todas y cada una de las intersecciones están equipadas con las últimas tendencias en innovación y seguridad para facilitar el tránsito

30 grade-separated junctions

Enabling users to enter and leave the city centre. Each is equipped with the latest trends in innovation and safety to facilitate transit.

13.000 incidentes al año atendidos con prontitud para mantener la vía despejada el mayor tiempo posible.

Traffic Incident Management

13,000 incidents per year swiftly managed to keep the road clear as long as possible.

Más de 500 paneles informando a los usuarios de lo que está ocurriendo en la vía y eventos importantes en la ciudad.

Real-time information

More than 500 variable-message signs informing users of what is happening on the road and of important events in the city.

Scheduled works

EMESA performs different works to keep the M-30 in running order.

Partial section closure INACTIVE

23:00 a 06:00 23:00 a 06:00 > 29/01/2024 - 21/02/2024

  • Rehabilitación Pasarela Peatonal Sobre M-30 (Veterinaria).
Partial section closure INACTIVE

Todo el día Todo el día > 12/02/2024 - 29/02/2024

  • Pintado Carriles Bici
Partial section closure INACTIVE

Todo el día Todo el día > 12/02/2024 - 29/02/2024

  • Pintado Carriles Bici

Do you want to know the Emesa control center?

The main mission of the Emesa control center in the M-30 is to guarantee the safety of the users and that their journeys are carried out with the greatest possible comfort. Alert 24 hours to ensure that whatever happens, we will be there in case of any emergency.

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