What equipment is obligatory for motorcycles?

Published 20/08/2019
equipacion obligatoria moto

It is essential to use obligatory equipment for motorcycles in order to drive safely and avoid or reduce damages caused by accidents.As we know, driving a motorcycle is more dangerous than driving a car.We have to keep in mind that motorists are people who have very little visibility of other vehicles and, consequently, there is greater risk of an unexpected and undesirable incident. So, as a result, we now will tell you everything that you need to know about equipment for a motorcycle.

How to choose the right equipment?

Below, we will explain exactly how you should choose obligatory motorcycle equipment. Your essential equipment to protect you on the road consists of all these items.


A helmet is considered to be the most important item for your passive security.As a result, every helmet must be authorized by the competent organization.Authorization ensures that the helmet will function well in case of accident and meets the standards for passive security.

Consequently, size matters.Helmet size must suit the diameter of your head. Otherwise, the helmet will not protect you as it was designed to do.At the time of purchase, we make sure that the helmet is not too large or too tight.

Even so, another very important factor is the placement.The helmet must be adjusted to the eye level of the motorcycle rider in order to ensure good road visibility.It is worth stressing that the helmet should always be worn fastened in order to perform its function in case of accident.

And, finally, ventilation.A helmet is a closed (or, practically closed) element.So, we must bear in mind that we have to obtain correct ventilation to avoid fatigue and visor fogging.

The clearest recommendation is to use an integral helmet.This kind of helmet is the only one that protects the whole head, including the eyes.It is considered the safest and most complete.


Motorcycle gloves are another element of passive security.These gloves are designed to ensure a good grip and, consequently, avoid hand perspiration.

There are two types: winter and summer. Winter gloves are designed with more textile layers to avoid heat loss.

Summer gloves are designed to avoid unexpected consequences in case of accidents, as well as to maintain temperature. They must maintain a high level of ventilation in order to provide greater breathability without sacrificing protection.

There are gloves of all types of material and thickness on the market. Nevertheless, we recommend thickness of no more than one centimeter.


According to the Spanish Department of Motor Vehicles (DGT), the jacket is the most important piece of equipment for motorcycle riders.The DGT insists that, in case of accident, the right jacket can reduce up to 70% of corporal damage caused by road friction.

At time of purchase, it is necessary to bear in mind that the material used to fabricate the jacket is resistant enough to not deteriorate over time.At the same time, it should be brightly colored to be more visible on the road.

Every motorcycle jacket should be reinforced on the back, shoulders, elbows, and, sometimes on the core of the body. To work correctly, the jacket should fit properly, without gaping and with the respective buckles.

Airbag vests

Vests equipped with airbags are designed to prevent corporal damage in case of accident. They have a mini-canister of carbon dioxide that can release this gas in milliseconds in order to completely inflate the vest. Connected to the motorcycle by a cable, the canister valve opens in case of accident.


Equipping trousers with special finishing and/or protections will avoid corporal damage from body friction with the road surface.Trousers should be comfortable and secure. Short trousers should be avoided, in order to avoid damage to uncovered areas.


We recommend wearing long motorcycle boots, so than, in case of a fall, legs are not fractured.It also is a good idea to make sure that boots are waterproof.

We have to be aware of the current season.In summer, breathable materials are the most suitable, without forgetting protection.In winter, on the other hand, materials should guarantee that no heat is lost.

The risk of not being well-equipped can be indescribable.In case of accident without passive safety systems, corporal damage can be very serious.Consequently, before taking off on a motorcycle trip, it is important to keep all these elements in mind and make sure that you can count on safety equipment that can protect you in case of any unexpected incident.This is the best way to avoid risks and help ensure the safety of all drivers.


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