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Maintenance of civil works

Emesa conducts the inspection and maintenance of all the structural elements that make up the M-30.

Emesa performs the inspection and maintenance of all the structural elements that comprise the M-30: bridges, retaining walls, the supports for fixed and variable-message signs, emergency exits, underground premises, etc. Just in the tunnels, these elements are deployed over an area of ​​more than 500,000 m2: a good reference point for the vast and complex scope of ​​these functions. It also performs the maintenance of other civil works such as roadways, signs, containment systems, beacons, metal meshes and drainage systems.

Broadly speaking, the civil works maintenance conducted by Emesa consists in the development of a series of preventive or scheduled works that focus on clean-up, repainting and a wide range of repairs and inspections.

Thanks to our workforce working on three different shifts, the squad operation that allows us to provide our services throughout the weekend, and our varied vehicle fleet, we keep all elements in top condition, always ensuring user safety and comfort, developing special campaigns under adverse climatic conditions ―for example, snow removal and gritting.

In summary, with this maintenance work we act preventively on the M-30 elements to ensure its optimal state of preservation, also conducting repairs or special cleaning operations in the event of incidents or adverse weather.

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