What we do

Maintenance of green spaces

We carry out the maintenance of 500,000 square metres of green spaces distributed along the entire ring road; a surface that includes landscaped areas and others with herbaceous vegetation ―for example, the road margins.

For the latter, it is essential to schedule periodic mowing all year round, not only so that the M-30 has a good state of cleanliness, but to prevent fires or facilitate proper drainage.

Regarding the landscaped areas in median strips, slopes and junctions, they boast a varied range of shrubs and trees, in which Mediterranean species predominate and give shape to a pleasant landscape that does not require large amounts of water; for example, lavenders, brooms, elms, pine trees and plane trees.

To ensure that all vegetation is in perfect condition, we periodically carry out plant health checks, pruning and fertilisation and maintain and supervise the irrigation systems, paying particular attention to its impact on the road or vehicles, to ensure that green spaces do not compromise user safety in the slightest.

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