Where are the charging points for electric cars near the M-30?

Publicado el 12/07/2018
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Fortunately, each day there are more and more electric car charging points in our streets. Both the major automobile manufacturers and citizens are opting more and more for these vehicles, which contributes to an increase in the autonomy of electric cars, very different from that offered by the first versions.

Currently, an average electric car is capable of travelling around three hundred kilometres without the need to recharge. Of course, performance may vary depending on the model and even the type of battery. Thus, an Aixam electric micro-car has a range of just one hundred kilometres, while a high-end Tesla exceeds six hundred.

In between those figures, Renault or Hyundai electric car models can travel on average three hundred kilometres without refuelling, whereas Nissan or Opel models can reach four hundred kilometres.

Charging points inside the artery of the M-30

Focusing on Madrid and more specifically on the hectic M-30, being originally a ring road around the city centre, there are no electric charging points on it. However, we can find several charging points on nearby streets.

Places closest to the M-30 for charging an electric vehicle

Travelling along the M-30 from La Vaguada Shopping Centre, we find the first charging point on Portugal Av. (number 51), between the Casa de Campo and the M-30. It is located in a regulated parking lot.

The next charging point is in Los Chulapos St., at the foot of the artery in the Imperial quarter, district of Arganzuela. In this case, it is placed on a public road and is suitable for all kinds of cars.

Continuing on the M-30 in the same direction, we find a new electric car charging point in the Cerro de la Plata St.(number 4), located in the Pacífico quarter, El Retiro district, also on a public road and suitable for all kinds of cars.

A little further, in the San Juan Bautista neighbourhood, the Ciudad Lineal district, we find a new charging point. Specifically, it is located on Bueso de Pineda St., next to the Provincial Traffic Headquarters and very close to Arturo Soria St. Therefore, it is placed on public roads and is also suitable for cars.

And, finally, in the Nueva España neighbourhood, Chamartín district, we find the last charging point next to the M-30. It is located on Cardinal Marcelo Spínola St. (number 10). Therefore, also on public roads and valid for cars.

These are the main points where we can charge our electric vehicle near the M-30. However, within walking distance, there are some other places. Among them we highlight, due to their proximity, those on Ibiza St.(number 1), on the east side of the Retiro Park and near the Gregorio Marañón Hospital; the one on Goya St. (number 123), next to O’Donnell’s WiZink Centre; that on de la Hiedra St. (number 36), farther north, which is located in a regulated car park and has 36 charging places, or, near the latter, the one on Paseo de la Castellana, number 259.

In conclusion, downtown ​​Madrid already has a good number of charging points for electric vehicles, several of them very close to the M-30. Therefore, refuelling will be no problem while we drive on this well-known road.

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