Where can camper vans be parked in Madrid?

Publicado el 11/06/2019
Aparcar autocaravana en Madrid

The current regulations on parking camper vans in Madrid are changing. Madrid City Council is making changes to parking places to improve traffic flow. However, parking them in the outskirts is now completely prohibited, so they can only be parked in the city centre. Similarly, not following this rule could lead to an administrative sanction. We explain everything below.

Camper van parking

When talking about parking our camper van, we have to discuss the difference between parking and camping.

It is considered parking when:

  • The only point of contact with the ground is the tyres. Chocks, if parked on slopes, are the only exception.
  • The vehicle does not take up other parking spaces. In other words, there are no awnings mounted, or tables and chairs etc.
  • There are no external emissions, wastewater, etc. Solely the vehicle’s exhaust.

It is considered camping when:

  • Chairs or tables are used.
  • The awning or similar items are extended.
  • There is external noise that may disturb others.
  • You dispose of liquid from the vehicle.
  • Stabilising legs are in use.

Similarly, the Ministry of the Interior regulates certainaspects linked to camper vans through order 08/V-74 from the DGT (Directorate General of Traffic). This is the current legislation on camper vans which specifies that such vehicles are usually considered in the same category as cars and, therefore, are covered by the same legislation currently in effect. In other words, they are not special vehicles.

According to art. 61, specifically section 16 of the Madrid Transport Regulation, all types of camper van parking are banned if used as a permanent residence. Consequently, the registration and use of a space that may harm car parks is forbidden.

Where can camper vans be parked in Madrid?

There are two types of parking in Madrid: public and private car parks.

Public car parks

The Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid (EMT) has offered parking for mobile homes and camper vans since 2014. It is located in the Nuestra Señora del Recuerdo car park, next to Chamartin station.

This car park has space for up to 819 camper vans. This is the first public parking that Madrid has offered its residents. It also has high clearance so that vehicles of all heights can enter.

Furthermore, it also offers parking passes, which means it is cheaper if we park for longer. The price for camper vans ranges from €50 to €120 per month. It is cheaper still with the pass.

It is close to Chamartin station. This car park offers quite affordable prices if you leave your vehicles for 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, or 15 days. Prices range from €6 to €10 per day.

Obviously this car park doesn’t have security as the operating company is EMT and as yet they haven’t implemented a security system or permanent security guards.

Private Parking

Another parking option is private parking. We have picked out a car park which is easily accessible from the M30.

It is located at 51 Batalla de Salado street, just a short distance from Atocha station (line 3) as well as the Delicias station and the Puerta del Sol and the Gran Via.

This car park has a security system and permanent security guards so we can be sure we won’t suffer any unwanted setbacks.

There are some restrictions on the parking of camper vans. However, it is important to be aware of the current legislation so as to avoid fines. Nevertheless, there is a big difference between parking and camping as they certainly aren’t the same thing.

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