The M-30 Mosque: discover this emblematic place

Publicado el 03/07/2018
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Located on the outskirts of the city, the M-30 mosque in Madrid has several remarkable elements that make this religious centre a must-see, regardless of religious beliefs.

The curiosities of this religious centre begin with an agreement signed in the 70s by the diplomats of eighteen Muslim countries for its construction, which took five years to finish.

To get to the Mosque, you have to access via the M30 at the Ciudad Lineal access point. The exit is Salvador Madariaga, exit 5B Northbound and 6B Southbound. This Islamic centre is just a few steps away from the local funeral parlour.

The M30 Mosque, the largest in Europe

Although the agreement was signed in 1976, the construction of this religious centre did not begin until 11 years later. Once the works were completed, the mosque not only became the largest in Spain, but also in Europe. It is well worth considering visiting during your stay in Madrid.

Inspired by the Great Mosque of Cordoba, the prayer hall is one of the main halls in the sanctuary and an icon beyond the Arab world. Contrary to what one might think, the agreement achieved by the 18 representatives kick-started an ambitious project that, in addition to a prayer hall, included other facilities such as a gymnasium or the Saudi-Hispanic educational centre.

The architecture of the M30 Mosque

The sight of the two minarets of the mosque on Madrid’s skyline is at least surprising; two 25-metre-high large towers or minarets, which are unique in the capital city.

These minarets blend perfectly with the rest of the Spanish-Arabic architectural ensemble, featuring red tile and marble as the undisputed protagonists. Mosaics, double arches and the unusual ceiling heights are the hallmarks of this majestic venue built on 12,000 square metres.

It was an ambitious architectural project a 100 per cent financed by Arab capital and that today hosts interesting facilities such as a restaurant where you can taste typical Arabic dishes. The reason for its construction was none other than having a representative centre to keep up with the Muslim population of that time in Madrid. It is also an example of the excellent relations with Saudi Arabia, as always claimed by the Kings Juan Carlos I of Spain and Fahd of Arabia.

Both Muslims and Non-Muslims can enter the mosque

As in any other centre of these characteristics, visitors are welcome. Except for the request of removing your shoes for men and covering your hair for women, there are few other requisites to highlight.

Interesting Facts about the Islamic Cultural Centre in Madrid

The most remarkable fact, in addition to its welcoming attitude, is their vast library with surprising volumes about the History of Spain or Andalusia.

They also do community celebrations, seminars, lectures, conferences, school visits… multiple activities to learn a little more about this religion.

A centre not only open to Muslims, but to all residents of Madrid.

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