10 key tips for efficient driving

Publicado el 27/07/2018
Las técnicas de conducción eficiente

More and more people are aware of the need to drive efficiently in order to improve their safety on the road, save money on fuel and, in addition, avoid polluting the environment. Without a doubt, these are three important reasons for any driver to pay attention to the actions they make behind the wheel.

Drive efficiently and safely in 10 steps

The combination of car maintenance, the use of its equipment and the driving techniques results in efficient driving. In order to achieve it, the following key tips should be taken into account:

  1. Starting the car

Modern cars do not need to be warmed up before starting off. Therefore, the moment the engine is started, the movement can be started in first gear. Only for some diesel vehicles it is necessary to wait 1 or 2 seconds.

  1. Short gears vs. long gears

Unless you are travelling on a terrain that requires the engine to have a lot of power or to start moving, it is advisable to use long gears to optimise performance without having to worry about consumption. In addition, keep in mind that a poor use of the gears can also increase the risk of an accident.

  1. The speed

Without a doubt, this is the main factor affecting fuel consumption. At higher speeds, the air resistance increases and, therefore, the vehicle has to make a greater effort to move. The best recommendation is to drive as long as possible at a consistent speed.

  1. Take advantage of the descents

You can also save fuel if you lift your foot off the accelerator on slopes and take advantage of the momentum of the car to gain speed.

  1. Anticipation at the steering wheel

One of the key tips for efficient driving is to anticipate what can happen on the road. In this way, it is possible to predict whether it will be necessary to brake or slow down at a certain time. For example, the air resistance and the motor’s own momentum can be used to brake.

  1. Good tyre condition

Maintaining the tyres in good condition guarantees a correct grip on the road and, therefore, greater safety while driving. Also, it avoids extra fuel consumption when taking a curve, for example.

  1. Maintaining car temperature

Driving efficiently and keeping a good car temperature is often complicated. The use of air conditioning increases fuel consumption slightly, but it is also true that driving with the windows rolled down can have the same effect. In addition, it can affect the driver’s attention, which implies greater danger on the road.

  1. The weight and the load of the car

Placing the load incorrectly in the boot or overloading the car can have negative consequences on driving safety and, in addition, increase fuel consumption unnecessarily.

  1. Care with roof racks and luggage-racks

Keep in mind that the installation of roof racks and luggage-racks on top of the vehicle represents an increase in aerodynamic resistance. This can have negative consequences on driving and fuel expenditure.

  1. Plan the route

Going on the road having planned the route and knowing the traffic situation helps the driver to be aware of their actions on the road and make the best decision to optimise their driving.

In short, making a rational use of the car and trying not to exceed speed or load limits are the best options to achieve efficient driving.

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